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Hi I'm michael

I grew up in Rexburg, Idaho. playing soccer in my opinion is the greatest pastime... ever! And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

So i grew up in Idaho with a little sister and three older siblings. I was the "golden child" comparitively. I LOVE my siblings with all my heart as i have been away from my family for a while now i have come to see how influencial they have been in my life and how much i am going to love to see them again. I am also a people person. I like to get to hear peoples stories. Needless to say, i loved going to my grandparents house and listen to them tell me stories from their childhood, i think mostly because their life sounded so boring and it made me thankful to have all the things that my parents would buy for me haha like i said i love soccer. I love a lot of sports but i think soccer is my favorite because most of my best friends played and, as with everything in this world, you are able to draw soo many paraells from soccer and can apply them to the Gospel. I love being outdoors and seeing new things and having a good time, ya gotta live life to the fullest i believe.

Why I am a Mormon

i am a mormon because i have felt Christs love for me in my life. i have read the Book of Mormon and i know that i have a father in heaven who loves me very much! and will and has helped me over come struggles in my life. i grew up in the church, but my conversion really happened when i was a junior in high school. my freshaman and sophmore years i just kinda hung out with kids that werent bad but they werent the best people that i could be hanging around with. but junior year, i started to hangout with the kids that everyone kinda looked up to. the kids that everyone liked and wanted to be they're friend. and as i did put forth effort to be their friend, they accepted me and i started to do things with them. we would play frisbee and do stuff like that. but what really helped me is that after everything we did, almost always they would start talking about the gospel. and share their own expierences with eachother. and that got me started to want to have those kind of expierences like they had. so i started to pray, read, and found my self continuelly pondering things of the church. and when i graduated i really had a pretty solid testimony of the church.

How I live my faith

In my family I was the "golden child" comparitively. All throughout high school I was what I thought was kinda normal, trying to pick the right kind of friends that i wanted to be accociated with. During which time about my junior year I was going to hang around with some friends that the year before i had put on the back-burner. That has turned out to be the most pivitol change in my life, next to my lord and saviour Jesus Christ. As I started to hang around them i felt how all want to feel; happy, at peace, and that I could talk to them about anything. And through numerous other expierences that have come into my life through a study of his word and through the Holy Ghost witnessing to me, i know that i need to be a better example of Jesus Christ. i need to follow him and help those people who need help. Before this change in my life i believed in Him. but i did not really believe Him. And as i have strived to be that better example to people I can honestly say that i have faced the most rejection that i ever have, yet i have recieved soo much joy. I know that God looks out for his people and will not leave them comfortless. and as lonely as the walk might seem while you are doing it, it is so worth it.