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Hi I'm Dan

I am a person of faith. I married the most wonderful woman in the world. And I like ice cream. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

As mentioned, I have been known to enjoy a bowl of ice cream. Favorite flavor? Haven't met one I didn't like, though I'm not sure about Pistachio! I like doing things, lots of them. It's harder for me to slow down than it is to speed up. Strangely enough, and perhaps inconsistent with my feelings toward ice cream, I also like to exercise. In the old days (yes I have a decade or two under my belt) I ran marathons. Now, its walking (or a good quasi-jog), the bowflex or old fashioned push ups. There is nothing I like more than a family hike. They are the best. I just need to increase my persuasive skills to bring them about more often! I love people. Our church congregation has a little over 5000 people in it. If I could know every one of them by face and name, I would be jumping up and down for joy. I would be even happier yet, to know each of their neighbors, whether of our faith or not.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a person of faith. I have always loved the truth and wanted it to be part of my life, whatever direction that took me. I grew up in and LDS home, with my forebearers coming across the plains with the early pioneer. In some ways, that can make it more difficult to follow the truth, when it is sitting there just right in front of you. Yet, that is how it is. Each person who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whether born into an extremely active LDS family (like me) or who had never heard of it until later in life (like my wife), has to develop a testimony of the truthfulness of the restored Gospel. And what is a testimony? It is a witness from the Spirit of the Lord, from God our Heavenly Father, that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, that He came and is the One and Only Son of God, with power to redeem us from our sins and the ability to enable us to become all that we can be. It includes the knowledge that there are presently prophets on the earth today, that there is priesthood power that was literally brought back by Peter, James and John, and John the Baptist--the same men that served with the Son of God, or were privileged to baptize him. A testimony also ncludes the knowledge that as much good as all faiths do--and there is so much good done by so many faiths-- the Lord God Almighty established his church again in this time, just as He did when he walked in Jerusalem long ago. That Church He brought back with the priesthood power I've just mentioned, permits ordinances to take place in temples and elsewhere so that we can live together forever with our Heavenly Father and those we love. Every person on the earth has the right and privilege to receive those priesthood ordinances and the indescribable blessings of eternal life with those we love. I have that witness. I have that testimony. That is why I am a Mormon

How I live my faith

I wake up every morning, not just with a prayer in my heart, but I hit my knees and pray that our Heavenly Father will be with me, those I love, and those of his children that live near by. I pray that my faith in the Savior will grow, as I know that it is through Him that I can have power and strength to make a difference in this wonderful time in which we live. I study the scriptures every day, which include the Holy Bible, and also the Book of Mormon (which is the reason we have become known as "mormons.") Why do I do this? Because I love the Lord and I want to have the faith needed to do things that he would have me do. We are His hands, in bringing about good, and I want to be the best little set of hands that I can, even though this particular pair certainly has lots that can be improved upon. I serve in our church as a leader of what is known as a "stake." That is a group of 10 or so congregations. My job, in that capacity, is to help build faith and bless lives, both of those who are members of our faith and those not of our faith who live within the geographic boundaries of the stake for which I have accountability. What a privilege to serve. It is not a paid position, though it does take a bit of time, but it is a position that any priesthood holder would accept as it comes by inspiration to those who do the asking. I see, literally every day, the effects of how the gospel changes lives. I also have the privilege, almost every week, of sending off missionaries from our stake to all corners of the world, both near and far away, who share that testimony that they have of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know the truthfulness of the saying that we are blessed far more by our service than we ever can give. That has been confirmed in my life.