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Hi I'm Justin

Im Australian made and owned, a 4wd enthusiast, Love the outdoors and Im a Mormon

About Me

One of the greatest loves in my life is my family. I have a beautiful wife who must be blind cause she sees something in me which i dont understand. We have been blessed to have two young boys who are very active and keep us on our toes plus one on the way. I love being outdoors. We have a 4wd which is used to get away from all the citys as relaxing is something that helps me level my head and focus on whats important in my life. I work as a linesman working on powerlines. I love my job as it makes me be aware and make safety a priority so i can come home to my family. Im just a regular guy who goes to work and makes money to survive and live life. Making sure that my family is provided for.

Why I am a Mormon

In my life I have always felt that something was different, I didnt know what until I started getting invloved with the Mormon faith when I was around 13 yrs old. My mother and father seperated when I was 8 yrs old. I decided to stay with my mum and travel alot during my early years. When I was around 13 yrs old I felt I needed something different so had the chance to move in with my dad. He had been involved with the Mormon faith and asked me to go along when I moved in. I started attending each sunday and remember thinking there is something about these people, something different. I was attending the sunday sessions and midweek seminary class before my schooling to understand the scriptures better when I distintly remember the question that popped into my mind "Why am I doing all this, is this book im holding even true?" I think that was the first time I really wanted to know who Heavenly Father really was and especially if the Book of Mormon was true. So I prayed, not just a regular prayer but I remember pouring out my heart, dropping all my barriers and asking if Heavenly Father really was there? If he was could he help me? am I heading in the right direction, is the Book of Mormon true? As soon as I uttered those words, a feeling came that I should open my copy of the Book of Mormon. My eyes were taken to one part which said "The book was the most correct of any on the earth... and a man would get nearer to god by abiding by its precepts than by any other book" On my knees I remember tears falling as a feeling of completeness came over me, I felt as if the arms of my Father in heaven were around me. I was doing the right thing and I knew that this was where I needed to be. A few years have passed since that time but I still remember that night and that is why I am a Mormon

How I live my faith

My routine would be similar to most of yours. Wake up, go to work, come home in time for dinner, see the kids to bed then get ready for bed myself, Wake up etc Leading a busy lives sometimes we cant stop to think evaluate how we are applying morals and values to our day to day life. One thing I have found being a member of the mormon church is its a lifestyle, the values are something you adapt with ease in your life because you know its true. Waking up in the morning before heading to work I try spend time reading the scriptures to learn a prinicpal I can apply during the day. This helps me live what im learning. Work can be demanding and mentally straining. I recieve a sense of strength and saftey through knowing I am trying to do the things Heavnely Father wants me to. I cant recieve that anywhere else, nothing will compensate. Finding the balance is that hardest thing in my life. Family, Church and Work are the three things I need to divide my time between. The time at church helps my first two priorities, we learn about the most important things together as a family which we can talk about later in the week. Keeping Heavenly Father first in my life is what makes me see things differently to others. Knowing the purpose of why we are here and whats it all for helps my life not just be another day. I know he gives me everything I have my Family, my strength and health even the breath im breathing right now. I have so many things to be grateful for, I just look around in wonder all this was for you and me.