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Hi I'm Jo-Anne

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 47 years of age and single. I love to read books, listening to music, doing geneology, going to church activities, hanging out with friends, swimming at the beach, taking long walks, dancing if I get the chance and singing when nobody is around. I recently had a craze for Zumba that last time I felt this addicted to a sport it was Tae Kwon Do. However, its seems to be waning a bit! I love birds and all sorts of animals and and they are one of the many joys in my life. My church encourages everybody, men and women, to get as much education as they can. I have followed that prinicple and like other church principles it has blest my life. I am a psychologist in private practice. I love my job! I love to help people learn about how to be their best self and solve life problems. My job has helped me to learn "person skills" but so have the principles of the church. I was just saying to somebody today that if the church had not come into my life at the age of 16 I dont think I would have as many personal resources to cope with what life throws at us from left field. I have many beautiful friends in and outside of the church. I love it when my friends come to church with me. They are respectfully curious about how I live as a Mormon. I try to live a healthy, happy, prayerful, and kind lifestyle every day. The best bit about being a mormon, is the peace that comes from knowing how to live a Christlike life. I love my life.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 16 I asked my cousin, who is also a mormon, if I could have the missionary discussions. I wanted to know about her church. I met the missionaries and they taught me a series of 6 lessons about Jesus Christ, particularly that He still spoke through a Prophet. They explained this to me by telling me it was similar to Adam, Abraham, Noah in the old testament. They said he had a Prophet on the earth today. They told me that Christ's church was on the earth again. Just like it was when He lived here, that it was set up with the same organisation as when He was ministering and preaching on the earth. They explained The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had a Prophet, Apostles, Teachers, Decons, as in the olden day. That people were set apart to teach the gospel to those who had not yet heard it. They taught me that many churches had pieces of the truth and many good people following Christ but the entire gospel of Jesus Christ with its priethood authority to baptise, bless and heal the sick was find within the latter day Church of Jesus Christ. They spoke of a book the Book of Mormon and how Christ went to visit these people, the ancestors of the American Indians in the Western Hemisphere, the Americas. I read the book, I went to church, I listened to the missionaries. I felt His voice speaking quietly to me tell me to be baptised. I did this. During my baptism I was given a very strong spiritual feeling telling me what I had done was right. I was 16. I could never from that time deny that I knew Jesus Christ was in fact who He claimed to be and we could all still follow Him. His prinicples for life are true, they bring me peace, I recommend His way of life. I am a better person because of Him. I love Him.

How I live my faith

I love the Lord Jesus Christ, I try to live my faith in a way that shows that. I am not perfect in it but His example is on my mind a lot. I pray each morning and night, read or listen to the scriptures each day. Right now I am reading the New Testament in the bible and feeling more aware of all the sacrifice the early apostles and Christ made to carry on the name of Jesus after He left the earth. I go to church each Sunday where I remember Him and be amongs others who are trying to live like He did. It helps me remember what is really important. I love Sunday School lessons and I also like meeting with the women in their special meeting about how to be a proper influence in our world and how to deal with problems that come up amongst our friends, families and relationships in a Christlike way. I have learnt so many things from those lessons that have helped me. Everyone usually does something in the church to make it run in an organised way as there is no paid ministry. I am involved with young women ages 12-17. I work on the big events, like dances, BBQ, camps, beach days. I also visit or talk to two women assigned to me each month to make sure they are ok or if they need anything. Everybody gets assigned a couple of other people to try to take especial care of them or bring it to the attention of others if special help is needed. I try to be kind and loving to people in this world it is so needed. I always invite my friends to church and to activities, sometimes they come with me. Many of my friends are not members of the church but we get along just fine. Everybody is respectful of my beliefs and I am to theirs. It really has been a journey that I have never looked back from since I was the age of 16, 31 years ago. I wouldn't change a thing about my life, even the hard times have helped me to know more about drawing closer to Christ and this has been one of the greater blessing in my life, to know Him.