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Hi I'm Ramona

I am completing my studies in Special Education, I work with people who have diverse challenges and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I take care of my father (stroke survivor) and mother and recently completed my studies and can now teach adult learners. I have taken the first step of a glorious journey by marrying my Sweetheart, which has greatly enriched and blessed my life. I grew up in an area where I was the only person of my ethnicity throughout my schooling and the only member of my faith. I love history, learning about new cultures whilst being immersed in them a.k.a travelling, reading, going to the movies, being a wife and playing frizby football at the beach with my competitive family and of course the girls team are still the undefeated champions hehe.

Why I am a Mormon

In 1993 my family had a serious car accident in the middle of no where which resulted in one of my siblings losing a limb and both my parents becoming disabled. I remember waking up in the hospital terrified, not knowing where I was, where my parents were and why I was alone. I still wasn't able to see my parents for another week or so but I remember the members of this church working together and having someone drive 3 hours to be with us children everyday, to help feed us and comfort us. This kindled my faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ; just to see these people go out of there way to help my family who they barely knew taught me that they were not doing it for praise and definitly not for money; but doing it because they loved God. Though It wasn't until I was 20, living away from home and family and feeling empty, I found myself at a crossroad in my life and feeling the pangs of a famished soul. A great friend of mine asked me a question that changed my life he said "Ramona, have you ever really prayed? I mean REALLY prayed sincerely from your heart to God?". As I sat there reviewing my life, I realised that in all my years of membership in church and my years of "knowing who God is" - I had never actually prayed sincerely to Him. I began a journey that changed my life - I began to search my soul, took to much studying of the Atonement of Jesus and much fasting. I set a date and time in which I would pray. I knelt in my room and began to offer up my first 'real' prayer, I remember the feeling of 'peace which passeth all understanding' filling my whole body and the living waters of the Gospel replenishing my famished soul. I knew then and know now that the answer to my prayers came not in a vision, nor a dream, but in a feeling that I carry to this day. I choose to be a Mormon or a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because I continually need that peace of Truth in my heart to help me whether the storm and termoil of life.

How I live my faith

I am a visiting teacher, I have the wonderful opportunity to go out every month with another sister and visit 2 sisters who have been assigned for us to care for and strengthen, which is funny because we always end up being the ones blessed by these uplifting visits. I also voluntarily teach Sunday School every Sunday to youths aged 14 and 15. This year we are learning about the New Testament and I know the assumption may be that the Youth of today are not interested in learning about these 2000+ year old stories, but come to our class and have that assumption put to rest. I have never met people so eager to learn and so deeply concerned for the welfare of their souls. I am amazed at how much these youths yearn to know their Saviour and know how they can have lasting joy. I love when the discussion in our classroom is sparked by a question that they have thought out carefully, then each class member giving an answer and then us diving into the Word of God to find the answers. It is so edifying when the teachings go down into their hearts through the power of the Holy Ghost.

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

The missionaries will share about How the Church that Jesus Christ established when he was on the Earth the way that Paul stated in Ephesians 319-20 & 411-14 was restored to us today, about Heavenly Father's great plan of salvation or plan of happiness, which allows us to return to Him. They will share about the Gospel Good news of Jesus Christ and how it can help us, strengthen us and comfort us through life. They will also share about revealed truths and invite you to find out for yourself if what they share are true. Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

I am a Mormon woman and I do my best to strive to be a good citizen where I live, I strive to be honest with all my dealings, I love my Husband and am faithful to him. I know that even though men hold the Priesthood, there is still equality amongst us. Women have the divine gift of womanhood and we whether we are single, married, divorced or widowed work in partnership with God to mould living clay. Not just the living clay of children but of all we come in contact with. I love this quote by President N Eldon Tanner which I have hanging on my wall "No man, young or old, who holds the priesthood of God can honour that priesthood withouth honouring and respecting womanhood. Any man should be prepared to protect a woman's virtue with his life, if necessary, and never be guilty of lusting after a woman or doing anything that would degrade her or cause her to lose her virtue. Every young woman has the perfect right to feel safe in going out with a young man holding the priesthood, knowing that he will respect and protect her in every way". I have never felt more revered and respected as a woman then I do when I am around these men for I know that they know that they cannot be blessed with the Power of God to do his work without honouring womanhood. Show more Show less