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Hi I'm Robert

I'm a Mormon, who before being so was brought up in the slums of Birmingham, England. Family came to Australia in 1967.

About Me

I was born in the slums of central England on the 13th of December 1930. The Great Depression was still in full swing, so you can imagine that things were pretty hard for my father when trying to find work, however something always turned up for him. Like most in our class we had to live where the government placed us, but that did not mean that we were unhappy. Never a religious family we still enjoyed the festive seasons. I married in 1954. My wife told me late one afternoon after my coming home from work that she had invited two “Mormon Missionaries” to come and visit with us. My first words to her were “Well wife, you invited them you deal with them”. They called and she invited them into the front parlour. Not wanting to upset her I sat down with my dinner plate on my lap and a cup of tea on the arm of my chair. An hour later, my dinner untouched and my tea cold I listened for a full hour to what they had to tell us. I was taken aback when the two young men asked me to pray when my wife and I retired for the night. Never in my life had I prayed unless forced to do so at school. As promised we knelt at the side of the bed and I was voice. I asked God, in a half hearted way, to have the missionary’s message confirmed to us. As soon as I asked a tingling sensation came up from my loins and filled my chest. I gasped to my wife “It’s true, all of it” For over forty years I have been able to proudly say “I AM A MORMON”

Why I am a Mormon

I suppose I could say that the reason I am a Mormon is that the church is true,or I think that the church has something which all other churches lack. I could say that it has given me something to live for and to look forward to. Maybe it is because the Lord gave me the opportunity to serve in different callings within the church, the the meaning of life was explained to me. I could say these things and they would all be true, but when it all boils down to answering the question Why I am a Mormon my answer would have to be because the Lord called me. He knew that I needed Him in my life and that I had something to offer Him and His sons and daughters who were crying out for some kind of help in understanding the age old question "Why". The LORD knew that I would not be slow in giving some comfort to these lost souls through the modern technology that would be available in the future. Now that future is here as is the technology, and I serve a new mission with my fingers and the knowledge I now have. This is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Since joining the church I have served on six Bishopric's as counsellor to each Bishop. Held many callings in the church. Served on the Temple Presidency for three years at the Sydney Temple. Been active in Family History as Family History Director. I use the Internet and log on to Wiki or Yahoo Answers every day so that I might give answers to religious questions. At present I am Sunday School President in my Ward. I serve once a week in the Brisbane temple as a worker, and go once a week as a patron. I live at a Mobile Home Park and most families know that I am a Mormon. As a side line I help folk on the park with their computers encouraging them to do their family history. Oh, I write poetry in my spare time and sing in the Ward choir.

Why do you have 12 Apostles? They were just meant to be around for the time of Jesus Christ, not to be replaced with new apostles.

Would you be satisfied with a copy of an antique vase or painting. How many times would you have to say to friends "I wish I could find the original. It would take its pride of place where now stands hangs a copy". Finding a copy of a church which resembles the original can be found in any suburb in any town or city. But what if you were able to find a church that was the same as the original church with Christ at its head. This church assisted by 12 apostles who held the same authority as did the original church. Supposing the vase or picture had a twin, both done by the original artist but lost until found again. Would they take pride of place in your lounge room. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not a twin of the original church, the original was buried deep within the bogus churches which grew up from the original. Yet the treasure was not lost to the artist he being the living Christ, who held it within his bosom until it was ready to be brought back into the light. When men would appreciate its full worth and beauty, to give all that they had to obtain it. Neither would it be hung on some wall and coveted in secret by those who obtained it, but shared with all of mankind as a free gift from a grateful finder. Show more Show less