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Hi I'm Lyn

I grew up in Australia and am the mother of great kids. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an Aussie that truly loves Australia. I love the big open spaces, the beautiful beaches, the big sky and the weather in Queensland. I am a wife and the mother of 8 beautiful children and the grandparent of 14 delightful grandchildren. My children have been the highlight of my life and I enjoyed being able to stay home with them and be there for them until they were grown. I am currently employed as a teacher aide at my local high school, where I work with students who struggle with disabilities in their learning processes. On the whole I enjoy working with the youth and have a greater appreciation for the trials that they go through, due to my time with them.

Why I am a Mormon

Some 38 years ago I was alone with my first born son and doing it pretty tough. I began to question the purpose of life, especially every time I held this beautiful little boy and wonder what happened after we died and wanted to know what would become of us and our relationship with each other. I don't think that I didn't believe in God, I just didn't know a whole lot about him and his plan for us. I had been reading the Bible and had become confused about a God who could let so many bad things happen to people and began to wonder if he was really there. One night I said a very basic prayer to him and just simply asked him to let me know if he was really there. A few days later I had my first contact with the missionaries. I had seen them coming and had decided that I would not answer the door when they knocked, but had become distracted and had forgotten to close my door and was obviously there when they arrived. One thing led to another and I decided to listen to what they had to say to me. As I listened what they were telling me was making so much sense that I felt as though I already knew it and it my memory was just being refreshed. They taught me that all people make choices and although God loves them, there are consequences to the choices that they make. Over the years I have learnt many more things, but the thing of most value to me is that my Heavenly Father loves me and I can return to live with him and that I can also have my family with me, through the Priesthood Ordinances that he has provided. I know that this is God's church on the earth and that it was set up by the Saviour, just as the church was anciently, and that the Prophet today leads and guides the church just as the prophets of old did. I love to go to church, to be a part of a big worldwide family of Latterday Saints, and to be refreshed and uplifted each week. The book of Mormon has taught me so much about how to live and gives answers to many of the questions that I used to have.

How I live my faith

I have had many opportunities to develop my talents in the church. I have in the past been the president of the women's group in my local area and also of the young women's group in a regional area. This has helped me learn a lot about different cultures, as many people of different nationalities have joined the church. I have learnt the best ways to budget, how to do many crafts and how to organise events such as large dinner parties, wedding receptions and may other things. At present I run the local Family History Centre in our area. I also have a responsibility to care for the needs of several women in my area as a visiting teacher. I try to live my life as the Lord would have me do and be an example of what I believe. I do not swear or use profanity of any sort, which thing amazes my high school students, who are always on the look out for me to place a foot wrong. I try to be positive and to find ways to help others realise how much they are loved by our Heavenly Father, and how important it is that they begin to know of their worth. I work hard and attempt to do all that my employer asks of me.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

One of the things that made me listen to the missionaries about the church was the belief that I had that if God really was there, then there would be a prophet to lead us as did Moses and the prophets of old. When I said this to the missionaries it opened the way for them to tell me about the prophet that led the church today, so yes I believe with all my heart that there is a prophet today, and that at this present time it is Thomas S. Monson. Show more Show less