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Hi I'm Chris

I'm a girl with a passion for life. I'm a photographer, I'm a lover of family, nature, horses, learning, and travel, I'm a Mormon!

About Me

Hi Everybody! I live a busy life on a small ranch with my devastatingly handsome husband and 4 lively kids. I enjoy photography and keep my horse and a couple others in training just for fun. We also have a couple of cats, the best dog in the world, a milk cow and a house full of chickens. My boys love the animals and help run the place. We also like to travel. We love road trips and love to get out and have adventures.

Why I am a Mormon

I've grown up in the church, and I do have a conversion story. Several in fact. I think real conversion is a life long endeavor, one that works an actual physical, emotional, and spiritual change in me. If I am not motivated enough to get up and do something, then perhaps, I am not really converted? Through good times and tough times, I can feel God working in my life. The sayings about God's tender mercies are all truths in my life. He has been very merciful to me. There is beauty all around me, given to me to enjoy and to teach me about God and who he is... and who I am. At times when I can't see that beauty, when I can't seem to find my way, when I can't see my value or where I fit in, I always have prayer. When I'm too scared to make hard decisions, I have prayer. When I feel low, no matter the reason or cause, I have prayer. I trust my Heavenly Father to answer my prayers. He promises to, and he does. I used to think "I must be bothering him" with all my constant questions and pleadings. But I've found many places in the scriptures where it talks about praying over everything. Over your flocks and fields, over your families and friends and for every needful thing. The scriptures say to pray unceasingly, and to always have a prayer in your heart. When I read these, I feel like it is an answer even to the question I haven't yet asked... "Dear God, am I bothering you?" My prayers have been answered often by people working as angels (especially my husband), sometimes in the scriptures, and sometimes by thoughts that just feel right and good and that bring me a happy excited feeling. Excited to be a part of his plan! If I can be patient and humble, even as the dust of the earth, maybe He can add a little water (Jesus Christ, my living water, my savior and redeemer) to make clay. Then mold me, also, into what He wants me to be, the best me I can be. I love to be a part of His great work. I'd love to be an answer to someone's prayer as others have done for me.

How I live my faith

On Sunday, I get to lead the music in primary! I think it may be the best calling I've ever had. Now, I must say, I'm not the music leader because I'm exceptional in any way with music. In fact, I think the Lord knows I need a lot of work in that area and THAT'S why I'm called to do it. When I started the calling, I was very nervous, and disorganized, and rowdy kids would shake me up and make me lose focus. After almost a year at it now, I really enjoy it. I'm not scared anymore and I have a lot of fun with the kids while we learn the songs. I'm still getting over my fear of singing in front of people, but that is getting better too. I like to have fun activities that teach the love of singing, not just the songs themselves. I just love it when primary kids wave to me when I see them other places. "Hi singing lady!" I don't care that sometimes they don't know my name, I just love that they smile and wave. It makes my day. I'm also a visiting teacher, which I also need to work at, but as I get it done, I really feel good. Women are so unique and lovely. If I weren't a visiting teacher, I would miss out on getting to know some really neat ladies. Also, it's like having an automatic friend. To see a friendly face or to be that friendly face for someone makes me smile. I also like to participate in the community. Sometimes I volunteer for 4-H, and helping with charity auctions, and giving blood. Helping someone move.... Helping with the Mormon Helping Hands project every year is really fun. Working at the cannery even is rewarding when I know that it's work that God would have me do. I like learning first hand about the welfare system and to actually get my hands wet helping to make food for someone who needs it.... really makes me feel fulfilled. There was a time when our family needed assistance, and it feels great to give back. Cleaning the church building, and in the temple is more of that feel good stuff. It's an opportunity to show that I'm thankful.