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Hi I'm Steven

I am 22 years old and love the outdoors! I am an off road enthusiast, I love jeepin, 4 wheelers and motorcycles.

About Me

I grew up in Utah, my friends and i liked to skateboard grownin up. I have always been a fan of the outdoors. I grew up camping and hiking and have always enjoyed it. I got my eagle scout award when i was 16. When i started to drive i always wanted something with 4 wheel drive. I first had an s10 blazer, then a toyota 4-runner, then a Bronco 2. In high school i was always in the Auto shop. Me and my friends love to go out wheelin. Whether it is jeepin, or riding ATV's, Side by Sides, Motorcycles, or whatever we love to do it! Moab Utah is my favorite vacation spot as it has endless trails that you can wheel. I also love Wakeboarding, and Snowboarding. I love movies and music as well. My favorite music is Rock or even some of the less traditional hardcore music, my favorite band is A Day to Remember. I worked at a boat dealership and used to detail boats, help the technicians, and of course get to lake test the brand new Mastercraft boats! My family loves to do things together. I am currently away from my family and friends for 2 years sharing what i know to be true because i know that it can help other people. I am a twin, me and my twin brother used to do everything together. Even now we are doing the same thing, but in different parts of the world. Perhaps you have seen missionaries in your own town, maybe they have knocked on your own door. Invite them in, ask them why they are there and what you need to do to know if what they share is true it; will be worth it!

Why I am a Mormon

Why I'm a Mormon...Being a mormon is awesome! My beliefs have helped me overcome many trials! I was raised in a home with Mormon parents, in a mormon community, with some mormon friends. Does that mean that I am a mormon because I was raised that way? Nope. Every individual whether raised in a church or not has to come to a point in their life where they decide what they believe to be true. As I went through high school I didnt give religion too much thought. It was beside the point to me. All I was worried about was having fun with my friends and getting through school. Well in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when you reach the age of 19 you have a chance to go on a mission for 2 years serving The Lord and the church. When I turned 19 I was not ready to do that. I hadn't had the chance to analyze my life and decide what I believed and what my priorities were. So my parents approached me on the topic and it got me thinking about those things. I thought about the church's beliefs about Eternal Families. I thought about The Book of Mormon. I thought about the popular questions in life such as Where we come from, Where we are going, and Why we are here. As i thought about these things a passage from The Book of Mormon came to mind, It is Moroni 10;3-5. This passage invites all who read it to ponder in their hearts the message the book holds and to pray and ask god if the things in the book are true. This passage applies to ANY question you may have. Search the scriptures, ponder the question and the proposed answers, and then pray and ask God if that answer is true. The Holy Ghost will manifest the answer to you in your mind and in your heart. So as I thought about these things and prayed and studied the scriptures i could not deny that The Book of Mormon is true, that we did live with God before this life and that families CAN be together forever. A book with a promise like this one is worth trying out, testing, and praying about.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by serving in church callings. I go around, often door to door, and invite EVERYONE to see if the message we share is true, and if they can improve the quality of their lives and improve the relationships they have with their family and friends. Its an experiment as Alma 32 from The Book of Mormon explains. I have helped my community out in other ways such as service opportunities, projects, and example. I teach a class at church occasionally and am always willing to research any questions that are presented to me. The Mormon church, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a volunteer church. We are not paid for the services we do when it comes to teaching or spreading the gospel. Every member of the church has an important role in helping where ever they can to support and spread the gospel. I live my faith by sharing what is most important to myself with others.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is a collections of many different people's writing. It starts with a man named Lehi who lived in Jerusalem around 600 B.C. who led a small group to the American Continent. Lehi was called by God to be a prophet. When they reached the American Continent God continued to call prophets as long as there were righteous people on that continent so they could have his teachings and know about His Son, Jesus Christ who would come to earth and make an infinate and eternal sacrifice for all mankind. The metal plates on which these prophets wrote were passed down from generation to generation until there were no more righteous people on the land to preserve the sacred writings and they were hidden so they would be preserved to bless us in this day and age. The Book of Mormon, as well as the Holy Bible, testify of Christ and his sacrifice. With these two books we can better comprehend all that has been revealed through the mouth of all the holy prophets about God and Jesus Christ and about how we can return to live with them in Heaven with our families. Show more Show less