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Hi I'm Bryan

I am a husband, father, and leader that inspires greatness in my family and everyone I meet and...I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised from an infant as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and had spent ALL my adult life as a dedicated, baptized, ordained minister of The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. I have two amazing adult daughters from my first marriage who live with their loving mother in Alberta, Canada. I am also now married to the woman of my dreams and together, we have been blessed with another daughter who is almost a year old. During my life, I have done a number of things, from retail sales for a clothing store, owning my own renovation and drywall taping & finishing business, getting my degree in the insurance industry, working as a guidance councilor and project manager for a vocational college as well as have my own business in public speaking and personal development. I have spoken to groups in the United States and in Canada about many of the Higher Laws as set forth in the Bible and Book of Mormon and teach these principles through Financial Education and Personal Development. I have traveled to Ecuador (not a mission) to study forest birds, my wife and I have traveled to Hong Kong several times to visit her family there as well as traveled throughout the Continental USA to visit friends and relatives. One of the biggest hi-lites for me was to be able to travel to the city of St. George, UT. and to be able to visit the temple there. It was the first time my wife and I ever visited a temple and it was an incredible experience.

Why I am a Mormon

Over the last three years, a dear friend of mine started teaching my wife and I incredible principles about Higher Laws. These are the unchangeable principles that were given to us by Heavenly Father and lived by his son Jesus Christ. When my wife and I started living those same principles and started to apply them in our life - all I can say is WOW! The results that we had in our life were incredible. This was from a perspective of our relationship together as a husband & wife, from a spiritual perspective and also a financial perspective. It seems that as soon as we applied these things - we had results. Our friend then shared the first vision with us a year ago - at first - I was very resistant as I had grown up in a very different religion with so many different ideas and thoughts. It came down to a question I had about the way the church taught about Heavenly Father, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. The question I had was a game changer for me. I asked my wife about it on a Saturday and she told me to ask the Missionaries about it the next time they visit us (which was Tuesday). I said okay - and I prayed about it a lot. The next day was Sunday and we went to church for the FIRST time! Guess what was discussed during the Sunday School class? The relationships between Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit! My prayer was answered! That afternoon, driving home from our first time in church, my wife asked me about my question. I told her this: "Well, when you are asking God to answer a question and he answers it in such a powerful way - can I really tell him, 'Thanks for that answer, but I have just one more question..' - I don't think so - I am in!" From that date forward, we booked our baptism date and we never - ever looked back! There are still questions I have that have not been answered yet and they may not be answered during my lifetime - but I have seen enough evidence to know I am at the right place!

How I live my faith

My first calling was as a teacher of some of the young men in our ward. It's an interesting calling as I am a teacher to young men aged 12 - 13 years old. I call it interesting because I do not have any boys in my family. I grew up with 4 older sisters, my oldest brother who is 12 years older than I am, got married when I was six years old, my dad also spent a lot of time at work so majority of my life I had women surrounding me. I also only have daughters - no sons. What an amazing opportunity to be able to teach and mold these young men and I love the chance to do so! I also have an amazing business. I joined my good friend in his business which teaches people the gospel through Financial Education. We play a board game that teaches the basics of Financial education but also teaches principles found in the Bible and the Book of Mormon! I had been playing the game and teaching these principles before I was a member and I didn't even know it! Now that I am a member - I get a chance to speak with people every day and share incredible principles with them from the Book of Mormon and they get a chance to have amazing results by applying these principles in their lives. In the three years that I have been working with this company, there have been 8 people who have been baptized as new members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! Each week I also have an amazing opportunity to visit people who are looking into the church with our local Missionary Elders. We have them over regularly and have amazing discussions on the Book of Mormon. In addition, I get to be on an early morning call EVERY DAY where myself and a group of my closest friends share scripture study for about 30 - 60 minutes. During this time, we discuss scriptures, talks from amazing speakers, and General Conference Topics. I cannot think of a better way to spend my life.

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

There are three levels of a relationship, the bottom is the Physical plane, the middle is the Emotional plane, and on top is the Spiritual plane. Pornography keeps a relationship on the bottom plane - the physical. It can actually even go below that - to the animalistic. It get's to the point where a person will only look at the other person of their desire in a physical way. The only reason you look at another person is for the reason to fulfill a physical need of sexual release. There is NO WAY you can EVER achieve an emotional connection - let alone a spiritual connection with the other person. Once we learned this principle - we cut pornography completely out of our lives. The result? We have attained a higher level of appreciation, respect, and love in our married life that we never thought was attainable. So what is the lesson? If anyone wants to have any kind of meaningful relationship with a person of the opposite sex and to build a family that is built on love, connection and a desire to serve another - that person will do everything they can to remove pornography from their life. Pornography destroys relationships - it also takes time to completely get rid of it in your life. Images stay so long in your mind and only through diligence can you get rid of those images by focusing on things that are upbuilding and righteous. Using positive results to help others use their agency to make right choices is one way to stop the spread of pornography Show more Show less