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Hi I'm Tyler!

I'm an Elder going to Croatia! I love my family & my life. I may not know much, but I know enough. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I live day by day. I'm not worried about my future because I'm enjoying my present. I play violin, been playing for seven-ish years. I've been practicing piano for... less than a year. I daydream too much. I read a lot more. I love fantasy. I'm tall and really skinny. I run too much and I need to EAT more. I'm an artist of sorts but not a brilliant one, I like lines and words. I like orange sunsets, purple mountain sunrises, and the smell of rain, but I prefer dry, hot air as opposed to any sort of humidity so I like the sun more than rain. I despise wet and cold. I have two brothers and two sisters. I'm the second oldest. My older brother is a sports nerd and super athletic, he's on his mission right now, and is the most awesome Elder ever. My little brother is talented too, and he's really good at whatever he puts his mind to. My little sister is a brilliant artist, dancer, reader and is very smart and my other littleer sister is silly but she's the family favorite and I would never want her to be any different cute, friendly, strong-willed and bright. My dad is super strong and funny, he loves everyone and enjoys good bonding time. My mom is perfect at everything, and that really sums her up quite nicely. Quite seriously. I love all of them. I'm going on my mission to Croatia. I'm slowly getting the language. I love my companions and they put up with me. I can juggle, I make popping noises and I'm a little goofy. I like to sing.I like silly poetry and riddles.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church. I've never known anything else. But that doesn't mean that I'm a passive believer. Not at all. I had to fight for truth. I had to struggle to realize just how much God cares about me, and I had to ask for that testimony. I know for myself, that the Book of Mormon and all that it entails... ARE TRUE. This isn't what I'm asked to say or scripted, it's what I KNOW. I KNOW I'm loved by my Heavenly Father because he sent His Son, His Firstborn, to save ME and you too!! He died that I may live, suffered so that I don't have to, opened the door so I can walk in. I KNOW that my family loves me as well, and that we get to live together forever, always lifting each other up. I KNOW that if I did not have these truths my life would be worthless and empty but I KNOW these truths... I HAVE this testimony... so I KNOW my worth, and my potential. I KNOW that everyone is worth something. In fact, I KNOW that everyone is worth... uhhh... whatever priceless thing times infinity times infinity etc. I can't even begin to comprehend their worth because it's mind blowing and overwhelming but I KNOW it's endless. I KNOW that my mission will testify of God's love for people. My church leaders and friends always build me up and are their for me always and I know that their love for me is a blessing. Had I not had their help, having a testimony would be harder. But even then, even if I was struggling, or if I'm still struggling, even if I had no friends or no support, GOD loves me, CHRIST loves me. It's so obvious in everything He's done. He will never deny anyone their right for happiness. It is not God who will forsake us. Sometimes we forsake God and we blame Him for these problems we inflict on ourselves. But should we come to Him, there is no possible way nor any reason why He would turn us away.

How I live my faith

I'm actually shy in person. I'll talk to you but I'm terrified to offend you or put you down or leave you with a bad impression. So I always do my best to make sure that people you that I come in contact with know that I wish the best for them. I don't want my flaws to ever come in the way of their your happiness. Basically, I'm polite to a fault. I said before, I'm a missionary, I will go out specifically in Croatia and tell people about Christ and His love for them, His concern for their eternal well being. I will go through snow and rain, I will break my arms, legs, neck, WHATEVER... to go and get ONE person out of thousands who will receive our invitation to come to Christ. This is how much I care for others. I will give my life for someone, if it means that they can be happy. And I pray that my efforts will bring people joy. And I've realized that for me to actually care for someone I need to be who I want others to be so that can honestly say "Hey, this is the most wonderful thing you can be and do," otherwise I'd be a hypocrite. I'm not the most brilliant person on the planet, definitely not the strongest or most spiritual but I really hope the best for everyone and I wish to be the best I can be for others.

What is being a Mormon like?

Find out for yourself. Invite the missionaries, they'll let you know. And read the Book of Mormon. I feel that being a Mormon, or a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is the best, most fun, most uplifting, happiest, wholesome thing EVER. What one might think to be a constricting rule, oh, say... no alcohol, or smoking, I feel, actually we ALL feel that it is really a protection from harmful consequences. The same goes with relationships, tithing, entertainment, language and apparel, our thoughts and actions, these 'no-fun-rules/old fashioned ideals' are actually blessings that stay with us forever. We are protected and we receive strength from 'rules.' They help us to be truly happy and to grow, not just to be satisfied at the moment or content with our life temporarily. But that isn't even the best part. We have a firm knowledge of our Heavenly Father's love for us, our Savior's love for us, and what we believe to have the fullness of Christ's gospel on the earth. We believe that through Christ and His gospel we can receive all the Father has in store for us, or all of the blessing He wants us to have, and we believe that it can only get BETTER! Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

YES! WE ARE! Christ is central to our religion. It is THROUGH the prophet Joseph Smith and THROUGH the Book of Mormon, a record of the American peoples before, during, and sometime after Christ, that we are able to come to Christ. Christ works THROUGH remarkably simple things. Again, I ask any investigators to find out for themselves. Read the Book of Mormon. I testify that it is a book of scripture that leads us to follow Christ and to follow the same teachings that he taught when he walked the earth and organized his church in New Testament times. Show more Show less