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Hi I'm Jeremy

I love being outside. I enjoy sports that require a board. I strive to make people laugh. I speak Chinese. And yeah, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Hawaii, grew up in Arizona, and enjoyed my high school years in Connecticut. Going from beach, desert, to snow was a neat transition. Each place brought its own special experiences. I think the change from palm trees, to cactus, and to pine trees helped me realize you can always find the beauty in any place you're in. I once heard a quote which said, "bloom where you are planted," and since then I've tried to look for the good in each place, no matter where I am. I'm absolutely fascinated by foreign places, people, languages, and cultures. I love to talk to people. Traveling is something I hope to be doing a lot of in the near future, along with international business, and living in China. I enjoy setting goals and striving to hit those goals. I can't stand wasting time, I always need to be doing something. I believe time is a blessing given to us from God and it's up to us to use it efficiently. Coming from a house full of boys and being the youngest in the family has taught me to be competitive. I love sports. You name it, I'm down to play anything. Music is something that inspires me and I'll listen to almost every genre. I bang on the drums, dabble in the ukulele, longboard, and snap shots on my camera. I also like to read, study, and learn. You can easily find me absorbed in a Chinese dictionary. I was attending college until I started serving a mission for my church. Being a missionary has changed my life.

Why I am a Mormon

Most of my external family are not members of this church. However, I still "grew up" in this church with a mother who had a lot of faith, a father who supported me in every decision I have made, and two brothers who set a very good example for me. I started learning about God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the Book of Mormon at a very young age. To be honest I always believed the things my mom and church leaders taught me were true. I never had a time in my life where I doubted the reality of the this church. I think what has helped me continue to follow Jesus Christ and His gospel are the feelings I have when I'm at church, praying, or reading scriptures. These three things bring so much peace into my life. I'm far from perfect and I know there are times in my life when I wasn't the best at going to church, praying daily, or studying the word of God, and during these times I could feel a sense of emptiness. When I do the things the Lord has commanded me to do I have an overwhelming sense of joy. This church has told me very clearly the things I need to do so I can be safe and happy. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ enables us to return to our Father in Heaven and promises eternal life. There is nothing I want more than to live with my family forever and I know that is only possible through Jesus Christ. This church has helped me strive to live a Christlike life, free from the worldly influences that damage self-respect, families, friends, and lives. I am grateful for that. 我的大部分家人和亲戚都不是这个教会的成员,不过我是在教会里长大的。我的妈妈是个虔诚的基督徒,爸爸也总是支持我的决定,我的两个哥哥也都给我立下了很好的榜样。我从小时候就开始学习关于神,耶稣基督,圣经,以及摩尔门经的知识。说实话,我一直都相信我妈妈和教会领袖教导的教义都是真实的。我从不怀疑这个教会的真实性。我在教会里做祈祷和读经文时我感觉到很平静,这使我继续跟随耶稣基督和信仰他的福音。这三件事给我带来了长久的平安。我很清楚自己并不完美,也意识到有时候我没有参加教会聚会,做祈祷,或没有养成读经文的好习惯,这时,我感觉自己很空虚。当我做神教导我做的事,我感觉到十足的喜乐。这个教会很清楚地告诉我该做的事情,使我能够快快乐乐地过生活。遵行耶稣基督福音的标准会让我们回到天父那里,以及获得永生。我最希望得到的就是跟我的家人永远住在一起。我知道唯有透过耶稣基督我们才能够获得这么伟大的祝福。这个教会帮助我紧跟耶稣基督的脚步,而且帮助我远离有害信心,家庭,还有身体,的世俗之物。这使我很感激。

How I live my faith

I'm currently living my faith by serving a 2 year mission for the church. This means I have taken 2 years of my life and devoted it to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead of getting a job or going to school, I have put all of that on hold so I can help bring people unto Christ. I started my mission work in Taiwan last year, and now I'm currently spreading the word of God in Southern California, specifically working with the Chinese population here. It has been such a neat experience to learn a foreign language and help the Chinese people hear Christ's truth in their native tongue. Serving a mission has been such a blessing in my life. My mission has completely changed my outlook and perspective on what is most important. It has been such a humbling experience to serve other people during this time in my life. I know there are many other things I could be doing right now, but I wouldn't give up this opportunity for the world. I have helped many people overcome all sorts of different challenges, habits, addictions, and hardships through teaching them about Jesus Christ and His gospel. I have seen this gospel bring so much peace and happiness into my own life and that's why I have a desire to share it with everybody. 为了表达我的信心我决定去传教。我奉献两年来宣讲耶稣基督的福音。 因为我想要帮助他人归向耶稣基督,所以我休学了,这样我可以集中我全部的时间在分享基督的福音上。我去年在台湾就开始我传教的工作。我最近在南加州努力向中国人传播神的话语。我很感激神给我这个机会学习新的外语,然后用中文来帮他们听基督的真理。对我而言,传教是一项伟大的工作。做神给予的任务真的让我学习人生最重要的事。我感到很快乐能够在这段时期为别人服务。我知道现在我有很多机会,比如说:上大学,工作,等等, 不过我绝对不会放过这个担任耶稣基督的代表的机会。传教的时候我透过教导耶稣基督的福音帮助许多人迎接各种的挑战,困难以及摆脱坏习惯。 我亲身体验到这个教会给我带来的平安和快乐, 这就是我去传教的原因。我真的有渴望跟每一个人分享它。