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Hi I'm Kyle Brinkerhoff

I play with robots, I'm a scientist, A lover of all things awesome, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy making ludicrisly over the top and complex devices! Being an ameture engineer, I refuse pick the easy option, but rather the one that seems best, which inevitably devolves into a weekend of hacking, failure, and setting things on fire, with a best case of eventually restoring the object of interest to something resembling a functioning state.

Why I am a Mormon

in my study of the apostacy of the early christian church, it is so easy to see that their is nothing but a hollow shell left of what Christ, and the apostles had in mind for his church to be, emperor constantine essentially took God, put him in a box and locked him away for centuries, and he himself litterally pretended to be God on the earth, and used this position to control the stately affairs of the common people of the day, the church altered the fundamental doctrines of salvation and all of the saving ordinances that where originally given to us through Christ and his prophets and warped christianity into a tool for conquest and control. but their were people who saw this, they were the "reformers" they claimed that the actions of the church were not in line with the teachings of the bible and tried their best to correct those changes but none of them ever proclaimed that they were called of God to do so, so they did thier best with what they had but their efforts can be best equated to trying to build a skyscraper out of a bunch of twigs. however this did pave the way for the religous freedom that came to pass in the americas where the restoration of the gospel took place when God the Father and his son Jesus Christ appeared to a young man by the name of Joseph Smith and revealed the gospel anew. this is so evident to me that this is the only way the gospel could ever be brought back even the evidence of Joseph Smith being called to be a prophet of God was provided to the world, its called The Book of Mormon Another testament of Jesus Christ. this knowledge of the gospel and the promises God makes in the bible and the book of mormon with men have helped me accomplish amazing feets in my life, it has helped me do things like win 1st place in my high schools science fair, and take 2nd in computer science at SLVSEF 2010 , and generally being able to have the Holy Ghost with me to learn all things in my life at an excellerated pace with greater understanding

How I live my faith

i pray always for god to give me inspiration in all that i do and i follow the promptings that i recieve, recognizing that it is not an easy process, and albiet sometimes frustrating, i follow whatever my heavenly father tells me to do, and it has led me to have some of the most cherished moments of my life so far and it has allowed me to live a lifestyle where i act as a proctive member of society, were i get to contribute and live happily, and have mentally rewarding experiences, i frequently volunteer at my old highschool, A.M.E.S. and help them further their technology program and make new technological marvals more accessible for them to be used in the students own applications, and it has been great to see what they have been able to do from building on top of my own efforts

Are Mormons Christians?

Kyle Brinkerhoff
Of course we are! i could give you this long discussion on why the church is Christ's church but the simplest answer is clearly seen in the church's official name " The Church of JESUS CHRIST of latter day saints". the church is clearly built from christs teachings,and we LOVE God and His son Jesus Christ! Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Kyle Brinkerhoff
well, its pretty simple. Jesus Christ never said that someone in the church should get a pay check. in matter of fact christ's prophets Condemmed it, even to the point it gained its own term "filthy Lucre". it is very evident to me that if their is ANYONE who trys to put themself in a position to get paid for preaching the gosple is a fool and a hypocrite! now my intent is not to insult any individual but it would be apparent to me if that person were really teaching christs gospel and then turned around and said "oh by the way that'll be 50 bucks" would find himself in contradiction with holy writ, and blaspheming the word of god! basically thats were the phrase "practice what you preach" comes into play. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Kyle Brinkerhoff
for lack of a better term, AWSOME! will have to suffice to describe what its like! Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Kyle Brinkerhoff
well , without families life would be pretty much next to impossible. they are a gift from God himself that gives us a environment to learn and be nurtured with love and kindness and ultimately a relationship that will last throughout eternity. Show more Show less

What is the Book of Mormon?

Kyle Brinkerhoff
To grasp the magnitude of what the book is we must first familerize ourselves with a common ground of understanding to build upon,to start with: the Bible. it is the writings of prophets and historians that have been compiled throughout time into a text that is now accessible. it gives a somewhat detailed account of mankinds dealings with our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ, however the record of the bible is still subject to the mistakes made in its many translations and also in the fact that what we have that we regard as "scripture" derives its roots from being shared by mouth and unfortunatly some tennants of what is contained in the Bible is missing due to this fallible process by wich information was relayed from generation to generation. this idea of "lost Information" applies to so many things in our religious and secular history of the human race, we even can go back to sources like the dead sea scrolls and see how things got warped over time, it is unfortunate but is very much unavoidable. The Book Of Mormon however is comparable in its pourpose as to the Bible, it is however " NOT THE SAME BOOK AS THE BIBLE" also "NOT JUST ANOTHER TRANSLATION OF THE BIBLE" as common culture refers to it to be but it is a seperate record of people on the american continent and how the gosple of Jesus Christ was revealed to them by prophets just as it was in the Bible. with another record of the gosple we can clearly and simply overcome that problem of corrupted information Show more Show less