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Hi I'm Adam R

I'm a Driven, Fun loving Adrenaline Junkie From Alaska, I'm am a Recent Convert and I'm Proud/Blessed to be a Mormon.

About Me

Well I'm am 6 foot tall and I have a slender build but Muscular, I'm a Fun loving Adrenaline Junkie that just LOVES life AND I'm Obsessed with making the best of it. BLA BLA BLA right? "I Feel very highly "Your only as good as the people you surround yourself with" SOOOO..... here is what my friends say about me HERE TAKE IT FROM THOSE THAT KNOW ME.... About Adam- By Emily. BEST FRIEND- Adam is a person unlike anyone you have ever met before. He's got a specific and complex batch of morals, values and personality quirks. He's independent and strong. He is loyal, caring, fun-loving and extremely easy to talk to. Adam has been there for me through almost all the worst times in my life. He's encouraging and uplifting. The light at the end of the tunnel. A shoulder to cry on. No matter what's going on in my life I know I can come to him. Enough with the flattery... lol Adam is a freaking goofball. He's brash, emotional, opinionated and will often say the wrong thing. It is very easy to get along with him but he really connects with outgoing, gutsy people with a sense of humor and a good listening ear. I Major in Psychology and will become a Police Officer

Why I am a Mormon

First id like to Start with .. I'M A CONVERT I had seldom prayed I had always prayed in appreciation. my mother always gave me religious freedom and I had gone to quite a few different churches.. not something I loved to do. with every one I saw great things, learned great things but one after another I found things I disliked About that church. when I moved to Arizona for college I was approached by guys in suits. they were called Missionary's. I had never gone to a LDS church nor had i ever met Mormon's but i used the first meeting to clear up the rumors I had heard. We had a few great laughs! after a few meetings I lost interest I came to church with friends that were Mormon but I never really enjoyed it. I came up with the best conversation stopper when others asked me if I was Mormon... "I'm Christian and I'm exploring the church but I'm waiting for a heart felt answer that the church is true" it was unfortunately just an excuse I was talked into going to Fun event and met a girl that caught my interest. We talked about religion and I told her the same excuse. she then asked me such a simple question it left me Dumb Founded "have you prayed about it, have you bluntly prayed and asked if this church is true" I giggled becasue it seems so easy and seemed like such a DUU moment. FACE PALM well I took her advice that night.. (NOW SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND) that whole week I was so EAGER TO go to church. I didn't tell anybody, I went alone and that was a challenge for me! but i was so Excited to do it. I could not get enough of the speakers! I cryed and got quite emotional. now that I was OPEN and willing to listen and learn I got OVERWHELMED with the PROOF of the church! I went and found a pair of missionaries the more I learn, THE MORE IT FEELS... RIGHT! everything I learned were things I always felt that would be good about a church. the things that I've always felt.. were the RIGHT way about a church. I LOVE THIS CHURCH I CAN TESTIFY TO THAT!

How I live my faith

I LOVE THIS CHURCH.. My friends say its obvious.. and I LOVE IT! sense joining i have talked with my bishop and have decided that in my current situation i will not serve a mission.. but i will serve a mission here in my own town.. so far its been amazing! i have built 2 groups for people and friends.. 1. for the new members OR kids that come here away from home for college and loose the Guidance and helping hands of our parents and start to question their testimony or question the church.. the group is lead by me but I always have missionary's there and we discuss ways to get the motivation to attend church and pray and keeping /getting a temple recommend... the group has been VERY successful Group #2 is for investigators or my friends that want to know why I'm so happy, vibrant, and why I glow after I go to the temple! also for the ones that see the influence i make around me and have questions. i was called to be apart of my Ward activity committee (i help plan activity's for the college groups that attend the church) I also Operate and the president of a very successful Car club here in town. we are sponsored by many local and not local business and the club is drug and alcohol free, we continue to build our community with events like free BBQ's, game nights, Kindergarten show and tells (our cars), car shows and anything we can do to help anybody in need of a smile! I let the Spirit guide me and I have been VERY BLESSED!! people around me are blessed because i found the right church! and becasue i do what it take to keep the Spirit with me!!