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Hi I'm Caleb

I was born in the icy north of Canada and now I'm preaching the good new of Christ in the burning heat of Texas. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a 6 foot 8 inch Canadian from a large family. I was born and raised as a Mormon, but didn't always believe it, for awhile I didn't even believe in God. Oh, how that changed. I love being outdoors as long as it's cool weather. I do whatever I can in the mountains; canoeing, climbing, camping, fishing, skiing the whole works. But my height puts a damper on some of those things. I love reading as well. Anything and everything. I'm not in college, but plan to go right after I finish serving as a Missionary in Texas. I have no idea what I'm going to do in College, but that's a bridge I'll cross later. I enjoy the sciences, music, designing and constructing projects when I can, and just anything physical. In Highschool I was enrolled in hours of band classes and played the trumpet through most of it. I gave up the Piano awhile back, but still play the harmonica, it's how I compensate. I played basketball for several years...it comes naturally with being this tall, but haven't played in awhile. At this point in my life, I love reading the Scriptures, going out into the heat and preaching The Word. It's definitely the hardest but the most fulfilling thing I've ever done.

Why I am a Mormon

I didn't always believe in this Gospel. I was born into this church with a strong spiritual family. I'm not the kind of person that can be content with second hand information, I was not content with my parents telling me this was true. I need to prove things for myself much of the time. The idea of having 'Faith', or believing something that I couldn't see, was very difficult for me. In my early to mid teens I questioned everything and firmly said "I do not believe in God". My approach was very negative toward the LDS teachings. I knew the doctrine, I knew the scriptures but that didn't satisfy me, because just having information is not enough. Friedrich Blass, one of the worlds most renown literary critics, explained that there is no such thing as a positive proof, meaning that if you go into any investigation of a book with the intent to determine the subjects truthfullness, and begin with the pre-concieved idea that the work is false, you will never be able to prove that it is infact ligitimate, even if it really is true! For whatever reason, the human mind stays stuck on that belief. But if you attempt the same process but begin by taking the subject at it's word, Blass explains that if it is a forgery it will be obvious, and if it is true you will know. That was my problem. I initially tried to prove everything wrong. I did not believe in God and was determined not change. I really don't know where the change happened. I attribute it to God and my Family, for their diligence and love in continually trying to help me understand, despite the negativity I put them through. Eventually my outlook changed; I began proving everything true instead. There will always be more questions, but that doesn't matter. My Faith has been proven enough times that I have few doubts, and when those doubts come... I ask God. As I said before, information is not enough: I have asked God, and He let me know through the Holy Ghost that this is His Church. That's all there is to it.

How I live my faith

How I live my Faith is slightly different than I would in normal circumstances. At the moment I'm a Missionary serving in Texas: "God's Country" as they call it. Every day is occupied by finding those that are in need; both Physically and Spiritually and then helping them find God more fully in their lives. There are so many people out there who really have never come to know Him, and have no idea what happiness can be in their lives. It's definitely not the most glamourous way to spend one's time, and we don't get a cent for it at all; most people recognize us as "the crazy guys in white-shirts and ties on bicycles in the middle of 110 degree Texas weather". So if you see those two guys in biking around (and there always is some in your neighbourhood), please give them a bottle of water, they need it. I speak from experience. That's how I live my Faith right now, by sharing it with everyone willing to listen. And I only do it because I know the message we share is true. That message is so simple: Come unto Christ and be healed. That message changed my life infinitely for the better and I testify that it is from God. But remember that 'Come' is an action word. You cannot come by professing to believe, coming is a process, and can take awhile. But it's worth it.

Who are the Mormons?

Our Church is really called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and 'The Mormons' is a common way that we are referred to. 'Mormons' is a nickname that was given to us because of The Book of Mormon. It's a book that we believe is a continuation of God's word to us in the latter-day. Just like our real name, we believe in Jesus Christ and follow him to the best of our abilities. We boldy proclaim that this Church is Jesus Christ's original church restored to the earth, and that it is the only church that contains the fullness of the teachings of christ. We are led by a prophet who holds the authority from God to speak for him, and so that his how we receive His will. Show more Show less

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

Since our bodies are one of the greatest gifts that God has given us, we need to keep it healthy and take care of it. The Word of Wisdom is one of the ways that God has instructed us to do that. The Word of Wisdom instructs us not to partake of Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal drugs. It also advises us to eat proper foods for our bodies and to have moderation in what we eat. One of the principles behind it is to keep us free from physical addictions. I've seen so many people enslaved to a cup of liquid. If you think about all the people that you probably know that just have to have one of those substances to function, you can see the ways that we become controlled by those addictions. But the Word of Wisdom is not just a commandment that says 'Do this, Don't do this'. God always promises blessings with his commandments. The blessings behind the Word of Wisdom are numerous. He tells us that we'll have increased mental and physical abilities, "That we'll run and not be weary, and walk and not faint". I've seen the power behind obeying this commandment. It's kept me free from phyiscal addictions and allowed me to excel without those limitations. Show more Show less

Where did Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints begin?

Jesus Christ's church has always been on the earth whenever God's children are listening, but Mormonism or The Church as we know it now came about by a young man named Joseph Smith. In 1820 he was looking for answers to his questions of what he should do to be saved. He was looking for which church he should join. He prayed to Heavenly Father about his question and was visited by God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. As an answer to Joseph's question, Jesus Christ instructed him that no church on the earth had the fulness of the teachings of Christ. The full teachings and the Authority to back up those teachings had to be restored to the earth. As prophecied by past prophets, Joseph Smith was the instrument God used to bring about the Restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ. The Church was officially organized in 1830 in Fayette, New York, and has since grown into what it is today. The Book of Mormon, the keystone of our religion, was translated by Joseph Smith just prior to the Church's organization, as is one of the evidences that it really is God's church. If you want to know more about this Church and really why God brought it back, talk to the missionaries. You can link with them on this website. Show more Show less

What is the Law of Chastity?

The Law of Chastity is God's direction on how to keep our bodies sacred. They are one of his greatest gifts to us, and so he wants us to take care of them and treat them reverently. The Law of Chastity tells us that sexual relations are to be kept strictly within the lawful marriage of a man and woman. We are to wait to have those relationships till we are married and once we are married, we are to be completely faithful to our spouse. The Law of Chastity also extends to our thoughts, Christ in His Sermon on the Mount gave us a higher law that we are to even control our thoughts of such things, "whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." The bible is quite blunt about how serious this law is. The Old Testament in particular leaves no room for doubt on how God feels about it. But the central message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that through him mistakes can be overcome. So if anyone has broken the Law of Chastity, it's not too late. Through repentance we can overcome our mistakes. As a missionary i've really seen how important it is to keep this law. I meet people every day who's families are torn apart because they haven't followed it. If you do keep it, family life is so much more peaceful. Relationships of spouses are healthy and their children are able to grow up in an environment that is nurturing and supportive. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Why wouldn't there be a prophet today? God had prophets all throughout the bible. I really believe that God is the same yesterday today and forever as the bible teaches. If God is the same, then it makes sense that he would follow the same pattern that he has always followed. Prophets are one of the ways that God communicates to the human race as a whole. Today God's prophet is Thomas Monson. I think the best thing about the Gospel is that we don't have to take anyone's word for it but God's. It's the same thing with the Prophet. If you're hesitant to accept the idea of a prophet on the earth, then follow what Jesus Christ advised in Matthew 7:15-20. The way he taught us to know if a prophet really is called of god, and not a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' is to 'test the fruits' of those prophets. So for us that means learning about the prophets, listen to what they say, and then ask Heavenly Father in prayer if what we learn is true. He'll answer through the Holy Ghost, he always does. That's how I came to know that Thomas Monson is a prophet. I heard what he had to say, and I could feel inside of me that it was true. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

In our everyday lives, we are quite similar to most of the good people out there. We do have some things that we do that are different than some; the reason we do them is to keep ourselves close to our Heavenly Father, and to have joy. (2 Nephi 2:25) Just about everything that anyone does in life is to feel happiness, so the commandments that we follow are the best way to feel that joy. Common things that we do is pray, study the scriptures, attend Church meetings, and go about our responsibilities. So we go to work, go to school, have hobbies, and have lives just like everyone else. But while we live our lives we do our best to obey the commandments that our Heavenly Father has given us, summing up the commandments really is for us to live the best lives we can and be the best person we can be. Among other things, family is very important to us. We make a special effort to take care of our families and spend time with them. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Absolutely. This question often comes through the miss-understanding that we worship a 'different Christ'. We believe that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are all seperate personages but are united in purpose and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have immortalized perfected bodies. Many other Christian Faith's do not believe that same teaching. But as for us believing in Christ and thereby being "Christian" Let me allay that concern with the following paragraph. The name of our Church is rather selfexplanatory The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It really is The Church of Jesus Christ. If one was to come to our meetings and see how we worship, you would have no doubt that we believe fully and completely in him. He is our Savior, The Son of God, The Creator of the world, it is through Him and only through Him that any of us will be able to return to our Heavenly Father. We are all subject to our sins and imperfections, and only through the grace and power of Jesus Christ can we overcome those problems. I have personally felt the power of Christ in my life and testify that He really is the One to which we have to turn to be saved, it is only through accepting his teachings and living his gospel that we can have his influence in our lives. Jesus Christ is absolutely central to our teachings. And if being Christian is defined by our belief in Christ then we are Christians. Show more Show less

What is done with the tithing that Mormons pay?

The Law of Tithing is an ancient Law that Malachi the Prophet spoke of in the Old Testament. We 'Tithe' ten percent of our income which means we donate it to God's church. Tithing is really more of a principle of Sacrifice than a method of 'raising money', it allows us to sacrifice for God's kingdom and in return we receive blessings. But God does make use of whate we give him. Most of our Tithing comes right back to us. It pays for building chapels and temples and maintaining them, and in general, keeping the lights running. It keeps organizations like scouting running and also keeps the missionary efforts around the world operating. It is also commonly used to help us stay educated in all senses of the word. We have what is called a lay-ministry, which means that our bishops, missionaries, teachers and so on do not get paid for the services they provide. Just about everyone's a volunteer. Paying Tithing is really a blessing rather than a burden, because God always repays us for what we give, hundreds of times over. And considering that everything we have is a blessing that God has given us, what is so hard about giving 10% back to him? Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

For me, the best way I can come to a realization of there being a God is nature. Being from Canada, I would spend time camping as often as I could. I could stare at the mountains for hours, marveling at their beauty. Whenever I see such majestic creations, it hits me that this couldn't all have been an accident. There has to be a God. Beyond the logic of it all, I really have come to know that God exists because of his influence in my life. Sometimes it's the small things that really make the biggest impact. I can look over my life and see hundreds of times where he has helped me. At moments when i'm struggling, a word or an image will stick out to me throughout my day and address the problem that i'm facing. At those times it always hits me again that there is a God. I think the human body is one of the greatest evidences that God exists. You can just look at your hand. Think of all the things it can do, think of all the things you know about it, and then think of all the things you don't know about it. Scientists are always trying to come up with prosthetic limbs for those who aren't fortunate to have them, but they have such a hard time making those things do what the human body can do. You really just need to look outside of yourself to realize there is a God. For me, I fought it for years, but in the back of my head I always knew the truth, but everyone can come to know him personally if you'll just try and talk to him. He'll answer. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

There are several reasons that we're baptized. There's so much symbolism behind it that you could study it for years and still be learning more, but in essence, Christ taught us that we must be baptised in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. (John 3:5) There are all kinds of blessings that come with baptism, and it is far more than just a ticket to get into heaven. When we are baptized, it has to be done by someone who holds the priesthood authority of God or it lacks the power that God intends for it. When it is done by full immersion and by the priesthood, we are making a covenant or promise with God that we will follow His commandments for the rest of our lives, take upon ourselves the name of Christ, and always remember Him. In return the blessings we recieve are truly incredible. We are cleansed from all the sins that we have commited, and are pure before The Lord, we also become members to his church and are able to progress in our eternal lives. Baptism is 'The Gate' and allows us access to many more incredible blessings at later times in our lives, the Temple being one of the first and foremost. We also are able to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, which allows us the constant companionship of The Holy Spirit, the third member of the Godhead. We are extended all of these blessings and more as we are faithful to the promises that we make when we're baptized. I've been baptized myself and can testify of it's power in my own life. Show more Show less

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

Pornography is one of the most dangerous things that is being thrown at us right now. It is virtually impossible to stop it by yourself. Only with the help of God can it be overcome. The key to stopping it is to face it as a group. God has to be a part of that group, or we won't get very far. In a social sense, we need to actively speak out against it and encourage and help all those that are stuck in it's destructive web. They can't escape without us. Parents that are aware and active in their fight against pornography can do incredible things to stop it's influence. There are so many children that at a young age are influenced by pornography; they don't know what they're getting into. Curiosity and accidental mishaps can get a child caught so fast. So if parent are making sure their children are aware of how deadly it is and train them to immediately run from tempation, then when they do face something, there will be no doubt in their mind of what they should do. Everyone of us needs an automatic response that we program into ourselves to immediately shun and run from any pornography that faces us, no matter the consiquences. It is a terribly contagious thing that has no place in our lives and familes and should be kept that way. I've seen lives and marriages ruined by it, and know how evil it really is. Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

The Atonement of Christ is at the center of our beliefs. Everything else is an appendage to that great event. The full meaning and ramification of the Atonement is something beyond our mortal ability to understand. There is always something else to learn about the Atonement, and I don't think any of us will learn all there is to learn about it in this life. The actual event is recorded in the New Testament, but all the scriptures point to it. At the end of His life, Christ took upon himself the sins of the world in the Garden of Gethsemane. Bue that wasn't the only thing He did. He also felt the pains, afflictions, emotions, thoughts, feelings and suffering that anyone will ever experience, so that he would know what we have felt. He was in such pain and agony that He cried out to The Father to let this burden pass. But being obedient to His Father, he went through with it. The Atonement continued with his arrest and torture, and climaxed with his crucifixion at the hands of the Roman soldiers. The crowning event of the Atonement was when Christ rose three days later. Because of the Atonement, Christ has overcome all things. Through His power, mercy and grace, each of us can overcome anything in our lives. He had to perform the Atonement, because if he hadn't, each of us would be limited to and trapped by our own imperfections. He did what He did to bring about the power of Mercy, and through our obedience to His commandments, we can receive of that mercy. Show more Show less