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Hi I'm Matt

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About Me

Well this definately won't take the allotted 1500 characters. I'm currently a super senior trying to complete my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, after which I should be ungainfully unemployed and probably have to move back in with the parents. All joking aside my goal is to go to dental school after my undergraduate degree. I love sports, being outdoors, and exercising. I am currently unmarried much to my mothers dismay, but in my defense its not from lack of effort on my part, she's just not praying hard enough for me. Other than that, there isn't much too me. I like to have a good laugh while hanging out with friends and am usually up for any activities that include but aren't limited to: post midnight fastfood runs, pranking anyone when it involves a water balloon and flour (I'll settle for just a water balloon if necessary), and finding creative ways to disrupt my neighbor's sleep schedules. All in all, I've had a great life and the Lord continues to bless me.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? I'm fresh out of witty comments so I guess its the Spirit telling me to be serious for once in my life. I was born in the church, baptized when I was 8, and went on a mission when I was 19. For most of you who may be reading this, you may think, "Hmm, that figures, just like most every other Mormon." And you're probably right, most Mormons you meet have the same story. The difference is the refining fire that we've all had to pass through to get to this point in our lives. Just because many of us as members of the church appear to be at the same point in our lives, doesn't mean we haven't taken very different paths to get there. Being faithful in the church is not easy. I grew up in an area where there weren't many Mormons, and for most from the outside looking in, it may look like I did miss much of what "normal" kids got to do while growing up. I didn't go to the after football game parties on Friday nights, I didn't go out for drinks when I turned 21. I didn't do these things because I thought I was better than other people, but because I knew that the Lord had such great blessing in store for me and in His plan I could find the greatest joy imaginable, not the fleeting moments of pleasure that come from other sources. I guess the reason I am Mormon and the reason I have stayed a Mormon all these years is because of the fruit that comes from the gospel. The happiness that the gospel gives us is eternal and I have tasted first hand this happiness.

How I live my faith

Living the gospel is the hardest easy thing you'll ever do. Do I experience temptations? Sure, there are always worldly things to take my focus away from the Savior. Are these temptations hard to overcome some times? Absolutely. But the Savior said His yoke is easy and his burden is light and I testify that that is true. Living with the temptations and sorrows of the world pressing down upon us is much harder than following Christ's path, the higher path. Through Christ we find freedom in obedience to His commandments. This is how I live my faith. In all that I do I try to be like Jesus, and follow his commandments. There are so many opportunities every day for us to serve those around us. I find the best opportunity that I am given to live my faith is to serve those around me. Through service I find the joy of becoming like Christ and experience a greater measure of the Holy Spirit.