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Hi I'm Bonnie

I lost both of my parents by the time I was 15. I believe in the power of marriage and family. I'm a mormon.

About Me

My mother died when I was five and my father died when I was fifteen. I struggled with that but was fortunate that I had wonderful sisters and a brother who took care of me. When my mother died I was only five years old but I knew I would see her again. I knew that my parents had been married in the Temple and that meant we would be together one day. I may have been very young when I lost my mom but I clung to that knowlege. Subsequently, when my father passed away I was at peace in the knowlege that he and my mother were together. When I started my family I was determined to do it in the Temple. I needed the safety that marriage brings and the safety that the promises of the true gospel bring as well. Thirty four years later our four sons are all married and I am still loving being married and being a mother and especially being a grandmother. In my forty's i went back to school and got a degree in Interior Design. I have always loved to create and design things. I am a wedding designer now. I love to go into buildings and create a beautiful atmosphere for a new families most important day. Our business starts every new project in a chapel with a prayer and with some discussion on the importance of eternal marriage...oh and we talk about safety! My business partner and I feel so blessed to be able to help promote something that we believe in so strongly. There is safety in marriage. I love working with young people who are starting their life the right way.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I feel blessed that my ancestors before me joined the church and that my parents taught me the gospel but i had to learn and study and find out for myself that it was true. As a young girl I had many questions most of which were something like, "Why would God do something like this to me?" or "why would he make me suffer like this?" I remember when i was very young overhearing a conversation about my family. My mother had just passed away and a well meaning sister said, "God just needed her more than you did" which comment was answered by my sister with "how could God need her more than a five year old does?" I realized much later that God didn't "need" my mother more than I did. God is everything, can do anything, has the ability to do and change anything and everything. This was part of our test, my test to see how I would deal and cope with what had happened to me. I have had many tests relating to death. They have been hard and given me cause to really examine what I believe in. I know we are here on this earth to have mortal experiences, to gain a physical body and to be tested. I keep telling friends and family, this is not a quiz...THIS IS A TEST. The most important realization came to me when I saw that it was not about what happens to you in this life but it was about what you do with what happens to you. I have decided to be happy. To do my best to be an example of Heavenly Fathers disciples. Several years ago I decided to read the Book of Mormon once a month for seven months, that experience changed my life forever. My testimony of what is recorded in that book and also of Joseph Smith took on a depth and dimension that had not been there before. I feel blessed every day to have the gospel in my life and to have the knowlege that I belong to a family that can literally go on forever. That is the number one reason why I am a Mormon. That knowlege brings peace to my soul.

How I live my faith

When my mother died she was the President of the womens organization in our church. I have vivid memories, even though I was only five, of going along with her as she visited members of our church who were lonely or in some kind of need, I was always introduced as her companion. At a very young age I felt like I was doing some kind of good. That example of service has been something I have tried to live up to my whole life. I have had many opportunities to reach out whether it was in helping my children when they were in school, or teaching different classes in church. I love to smile and talk to people I meet at the grocery store. Our smiles are powerful. I enjoy opportunities to interact with the youth in our church and I am always uplifted when I have an opportunity to speak to them or to teach them. I am an avid walker. I love to put on my ipod and listen to motivational speakers from our church as I walk. It makes my day go so much better and I am able to apply some of the lessons I have learned during the day. My husband and I are following our Bishops councel to read the Book of Mormon this year and have had a wonderful experience as we have read through that amazing book once again. As I try to examine how I live my faith, I would have to say that it is the little things that really seem to make the most difference. Learning what is expected of me and then trying to do it. Studying to understand the words of ancient and modern day Prophets. Spending time praying and meditating. Attending Sunday Meetings. I love the Temple and going there is one of the most powerful ways I can connect with the deep feelings that I have for my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. These simple things are also the things that seem to be the first to go when time is tight. I try to be as committed as possible to doing everything I can to strengthen my testimony no matter what my time restraints are. Serving my family and those around me is what makes me happy.