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Hi I'm Spencer

Full time missionary serving in Las Vegas.

About Me

Right now I'm currently serving in the Nevada Las Vegas mission (not west). It's been a huge blessing and a privilege to be able to serve as a missionary and to meet so many great, loving people. There truly isn't anything quite like a mission! A huge part of why I'm a missionary is because of my testimony of the Book of Mormon. That has had a huge impact on me and the way I live my life. A few words about me: I'm a guy. I love art, music, and anything that sparks creativity and imagination. I enjoy practicing and studying martial arts, Aikido being my main focus right now. Those are just a couple of things, but overall I'd say I'm happy. Life's good. God's good.

Why I am a Mormon

I suppose "mormon" is as good of a label as the next. Underneath the surface of labels, my belief in God has been a highly integral part of my life. Growing up in the church, I'm grateful for the knowledge and light that has been revealed to me, concerning many things I would have otherwise never known. The church has served to enrich my faith. I know that without the church, I would still have faith in God or a higher power, but I would miss out on many blessings and opportunities and perhaps I would find myself dissatisfied or unfulfilled. Still, even with all that you have to know if it's true or not. After many trials in my own life and after many mistakes, I had to know for myself first hand. I picked up the Book of Mormon and for the first time, LDS upbringing notwithstanding, I read it with real intent. Due to my compelling circumstances to humble myself before God with a broken heart, immediately I felt an overwhelming sense of truth come over me as I read. I was amazed at how I felt the love of God for his children and how that filled me. I was amazed at how precise and clearly it outlined, clarified, and supported the doctrine of the gospel of Christ. Since then and after, I haven't been able to deny what I know.

How I live my faith

Right now I'm a full time missionary for the church. I go around sharing these things with people. You're out there about 11 hours of a 16 hour day among people from all runs of life. Serving in the Las Vegas area, I've accumulated quite a few interesting stories and experiences, all comprising of people. A lot of people don't like the controversy of religion/ politics, especially in an upfront approach, so it's definitely a stretch of your comfort zone and a test of your faith and love of the gospel to get out there and teach, but I look at it this way, we're not here to prove anything or compel anyone to any conclusions. Us as missionaries are only looking for the people who have a sincere desire to know if what we are sharing is true or not. I love my mission. After my mission, I pray I may continue to stay active in the gospel and to serve others. I also pray and aspire to maintain the standards and morals that I know are right.