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Hi I'm Chris

I was born in Spain and grew up in Asia and all over the United States among dozens of cultures and religions. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband, management consultant, soon-to-be MBA student, and soccer aficionado. My life has been very transient having moved ~25 times in my life, about 10 of those moves were to a different country including Taiwan, China, Korea, Malaysia, and Spain (or sometimes moving back to one of the 6 different U.S. States). I love meeting people with different perspectives, ideas, and cultures.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because I feel it is what God wants for me. Finding my way in this life has been a very important and personal process. Growing up in different cultures--whether in Islamic Malaysia, Buddhist Korea, or born-again Texas--I was able to mingle with people of and attend services for numerous faiths and denominations. I loved to find common ground amongst the several global religions. I was fascinated by studying the tenets and merits of the various faiths and considering how living each of them might impact my life choices--which would be 'easier' or more 'convenient'. However, as I reached some of life's more challenging intersections, I recognized that I needed to understand God's plan for me, not choose my plan for him. I recognized that my opinion about God does not change His doctrine, will, or plan for me. I desperately wanted to know His will for me in my life, and I wanted to know it for myself. I am a Mormon because God answers prayers. He has answered many of my prayers. Although all answered prayers have strengthened my faith in Him, I would say I am a Mormon because of three specific prayers. Although these three moments are intensely personal, each was similar in that in a moment of need, doubt, and trial, I got on my knees and poured out my soul to God. In each of these moments my desire to dictate my own ideological direction has been stripped away. In each of these moments I have felt a burning conviction that this is the path that God intends for me. I don't intend my experiences to be the answer for my friends of various cultures and faiths; however, I do know that I received a personal witness through the Holy Ghost. I also know that I am not an exception. God loves everyone. Everyone can experience what I experienced. I am a Mormon because God answered my prayers, because it brings me joy in this life, and because it has drawn me nearer to my Savior than any other path.

How I live my faith

If asked, my co-workers would probably say that I live my faith by "not drinking when the office goes out" or "not going to a ball game on a Sunday when the office has tickets". I guess that is true, but I don't think of my faith as defined by what I don't do, but rather what I do - I attend church. Everywhere in the world I can attend a Mormon church. Whether in Seoul or Sevilla I set apart a day in my week to regain my perspective by attending church and partaking of the sacrament - I serve. My faith has given me direction in my life and I cannot help but want to share that. Every Sunday for the past 4 years, I have been able to teach high-school aged boys in California and China about Christ, the Atonement, faith, and the scriptures. Just as importantly, I have been able to teach them how to live better lives--how to treat women, how to work, and about self-esteem. Perhaps my favorite moment of service is helping the boys every month as they visit and serve the sick and elderly in our community - I pray. I pray alone several times a day, but equally importantly, I get to kneel down next to my wife both morning and night, and we ask the Lord to bless our family with the guidance, humility, love, and compassion we need to support each other and those who come into our paths - I study. Education, both scriptural and secular is an important part of my faith. It motivates my wife and I to open our scriptures and read every night, and it pushes me to continue to study and learn In the end, how I live my faith is defined much more by what I do than what I don't do. My faith shapes not only my family and religious life, but my secular life as well. I live my faith when I refuse to misrepresent my travel expenses on a business trip to Mexico, even if accounting makes a mistake. I live my faith when I get out and help push cars that are stalled in the road. We all have our challenges, but my faith gives me a reason to go beyond myself and live a little better

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

It really is good news and it is human nature that if you find something good, you want to share it. A couple years ago, just before a math class in college, everyone was getting situated in our enormous 500-student auditorium when a student unexpectedly (and from the teachers face, uninvitedly) leapt to the front of the auditorium. He held a new iPod in his hand and announced that he just got the iPod free from an internet site and he wanted everyone to know how to do it. Now I don't think this is the place to comment on the morality of getting a free iPod from the internet, but what struck me from this odd 7:15am announcement was that the guy was so excited about the recently received gift, that he could not resist standing and sharing the message with the first 500 people he saw that morning. Those that have felt the peace that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings to troubled hearts, the direction it lends in this chaotic life, and the hope it gives for the future, have felt a desire to open their mouths and share the good news similar in concept to that student with an iPod, but infinitely more compelling. Mormon missionaries proselyte because they have received the most precious gift extended in this life. Mormon missionaries proselyte because this invaluable gift is free and they want everyone to experience the same joy. Mormon missionaries are regular people, who love the Lord and love their neighbors enough to knock their doors to share this precious gift. Show more Show less