What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Terry

I grew up in Yellowstone Park and lived and worked in Idaho and Arizona where I retired from a high-tech career. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am happy to say that I am the father of five children and have eight Grandkids. My wife and I enjoy our days together and are always looking forward to the next visit from our children and their families. After a 30 year career in the semiconductor industry I chose to retire in 2001. That decision has given my wife and I the opportunity to take on the opportunities of this life as a couple instead of having the seperate paths that a professional career can impose. We enjoy the sight-seeing rides in the middle of the week, occasional travel and visits our home in Montana. We have family both in Montana and Idaho so there are great visits to these scenic areas and opportunities for quiet time away from the city life. Outside of our time with family, the time we spend with the members of our Young Single Adult ward, where we have served now for a number of years, is a bright spot in our lives. Our time with the young people there has expanded our "family" to include several hundred young people who are just beginning their career paths and seeking the "one" for them in marriage. It is a blessing in our lives to be able to associate with the Young Single Adults on a regular basis, even on occasion having them in our home or joining them in a fun activity.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I was in my mid-20's and trying to decide what I should do with my life. I had associated with members of the LDS Church over a number of years but had gone to great lengths to stay a safe distance from their efforts to share the Gospel with me. It was not until I met a young woman who really stole my heart that I was willing to listen to the message of the LDS Missionaries. I was in a tough spot, the woman I cared so deeply for was a Mormon and she had a clear goal to be married in the Temple. I was not a member of the church so there was only one way I could help her to realize her goal - I needed to be a member of the LDS Church. A man that I had complete respect for invited me to meet with the Missionaries and hear their teachings - I agreed and the rest is history. My wife and I were married in the Temple and have enjoyed many years of service with and amongst church members and our neighbors. My conversion began one evening as I was about to retire for the night following a meeting with the Missionaries where they had invited me to be baptized to become a member of the LDS Church. I was unsure what my decison should be. That all changed when I had a very personal spiritual experience following my pleadings to our Savior. There was clarity of thought and I knew my decision, it was made. That decision turned my life and set me on a path that was much different than before. My concerns over how my family might feel and what my friends might say were put to rest as I accepted what I knew was the correct answer. From that day forward my testimony has been fortified by the Holy Spirit. I know that our Father In Heaven knows and loves each of us. I know that His son, Jesus Christ, was here on this earth to provide a way back to Father, through His attonment, for each of us. Our opportunity is to live the commandments. If we do that we will receive the promised eternal blessings.

How I live my faith

I receive satisfaction from serving others, working beside them, letting them teach me, and to teach others. To me, true happiness comes through service. In our congregation of Young Single Adults there were many very strong members with solid knowledge of the Gospel and of course there are others who struggled to find direction in their lives. As we associated with the young people it brought great joy to see them helping and teaching each other. Being a small part of these associations has been a blessing in my life. I strive each day to make sure I am strengthening my testimony and keeping the commandments of the Gospel. How I conduct myself in my everyday life can have a significant impact on others who might be looking for direction in their lives. I know that to be true because prior to my joining the LDS Church I observed those who I knew were members and I noted their conduct, particularly when it seemed to be in conflict with the teachings of the Savior and committments I knew they had made. These observations played no small part in keeping my mind closed to the message of the Gospel. It took many years and many attempts to move me to having an open mind and receive the Missionarites. This change in my desires came from one person remaining committed to her goal and her Savior. My eternal companion made it clear she was committed. I will be eternally grateful to her for that decision.

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

The husband and wife are joined together to provide a home that is nurturing, safe and in harmony with the teachings of the Lord. While in most cases the husband is the primary wage earner, there may be times when the wife is also engaged in providing essential financial support for the family. Both parents, working together to nurture their family and teach correct principles is important to the family. While we all struggle to find ways we do best working together as husband and wife it is most important that the children recognize that both parents love them and that they are committed to their nurturing. In todays world it is challenging to keep balance in our lives that insures outside invluences, even church service, do not rob the family of the much needed attention of both parents. To me, the role of the husband and wife is to love each other, confess their testimonies to their children and to teach correct principles. This is no small task, but the rewards are worth the effort. As our families grow, and our children leave home and teach correct principles in the next generation it brings great joy to our hearts. It is at this time that we begin to realize true love and the importance of a husband and wife working together in the nurturning of their family. Show more Show less