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Hi I'm Riches

I grew up in Salt Lake City, UT. Rebellious as all get out when young, but turned around and now extremely proud to be a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a Mormon home but was a troubled, very rebellious kid and young man. My mother, in her twenties, had MANY brain surgeries due to a serious brain tumor which paralyzed the left side of her body for the rest of her life and dad was ALWAYS working just to pay the medical bills and support a family of 6. I was extremely selfish back then thinking of only myself and how bad off I had it all. My Mother loved to read, had a beautiful voice (used to sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir), played the piano, was a real socialite, and very talented. She would give long funny readings from shear memory. All that came to an abrupt end with all the medical operations. Now that I'm older and look back on things, I am amazed at BOTH my parents faith in Jesus Christ and the teachings of family of the Mormon Church. It was that faith that kept my parents sane through all the problems and sacrifices she went through. It was that faith that motivated my dad to faithfully and lovingly care for my mom, dress her, feed her, always love her for the next 45 years of their lives together. I now look back on them both with absolute amazement!!! Because of their commitment and example I now have a love of the gospel, a love of my Savior Jesus Christ, a tremendous work ethic (thanks to my dad), an attitude of service to an eternal family and to the rest of mankind - all from the example learned in my home growing up. I now have 9 children and 11 grandchildren of my own to be an example for.

Why I am a Mormon

So many people have asked themselves: "where did I come from", "why am I here on this earth", "why are there always so many problems surrounding me", and "where am I going when I die". I have studied hundreds of religions, including many of the eastern world religions and philosophies and have found ONLY ONE church that answers ALL these questions and MORE and does it so that all the pieces of "life's puzzle" fit together perfectly - that is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - the Mormon Church. Many things now really "move" me: 1)seeing a great family that truly loves and respects each other while serving each other. 2)a marriage to a "best friend" where complete and total open honesty is the standard, where all I want is to be with her and share things with her. 3)great music. 4)majestic scenery. 5)words spoken by a living prophet on the earth today that not only inspires, but is always exactly what we need to hear at this moment, and 6)knowing personally my Lord and Savior, feeling His love, knowing of His concern and support, and that He is ALWAYS there when I need Him.

How I live my faith

I love my Mormon Church calling. I have four families in our ward that I "home teach", some are active in our church and some are not active. They have become some of my best friends. I see them every month and care for them deeply. I also supervise some 125 people in our church, surrounding activities such as our 1)Women's church Program called "The Relief Society", 2)our cannery for food storage, and 3)our public affairs, community relations, and relationships with other religions in our area. I get to share my faith and my happiness with all which tends to strengthen the community and bind together many of different faiths. I love it!!