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Hi I'm Judy

I attended a country primary school, then high school at a private school. I became a registered nurse and midwife. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Since there was no local high school, I especially appreciated the sacrifice my good parents made to enable me to attend a particular private school. I was the eldest of five children. The learning, social as well as formal education, and the responsibilities I was given, have benefited me greatly throughout my life. I had been a shy child, though I did have a lovely childhood where my parents taught me well. My experiences at this school also helped me to further develop my musical talents and to gain confidence and enjoyment sharing these talents. The school was noted for it's music, with annual choral contests, and teachers I loved. I continued to learn the piano as well as to conduct a choir. Later in life I have had the further experience of playing for choirs. My first husband and I had six children but we were saddened when he didn't remain with us. We were later divorced. Two years later I met and married my present husband who also had six children. His first wife had died. Like all families, we have our challenges, but we love each one of our family, and each other, dearly. Two years after we married, our lovely daughter was born. She completed school through year 12 in regular schools. She has Down Syndrome and is a peacemaker in the family. Family is very important to her. She loves all of her brothers, sisters, and their offspring. My husband and I have been married for twenty seven years and our daughter is the seventh child, for each of us.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was a child, our Sunday School teacher shared with us the stories of Jesus, which I came to love. After graduating, I married and we went to live in the USA for nearly two years and then nearly four years in Germany. We took back to Australia two lovely sons, aged two and four years. When the older boy was ten and the younger eight, missionaries visited. I had been looking for a Sunday School for our boys, and cub scouts. A sister in law introduced us to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints which also had cub scouts here in Queensland at that time. I was impressed that the leaders of the boys had high standards. They didn't smoke or drink alcohol but set a good example for the boys. I began attending the church to be sure I approved of the children's learning. What I learnt, felt right and I wanted to learn more. It repeatedly rang true with what I had learnt from the Bible as a child. I wanted to record my experience so I began a journal and clearly, I was "led by the hand". A teacher asked me to speak on journal writing in class. No one knew that I had begun a journal. I had learnt that the church was led by revelation. In other words, those who spoke or taught were to be guided by the holy Spirit, or they should not teach. I remembered that Jesus told his disciples that he would send the Holy Ghost when he had ascended into heaven to comfort them and to testify of Him. Each of the principles I learnt was accompanied by a similar spiritual experience. It came line upon line precept upon precept and all was recorded in my journal. I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to this day and I love the One whose church it really is. He gave it His name, when asked what it should be called. His church has been restored by Him, after it had fallen into apostasy in the dark ages. It is the same as it was when Jesus was on the earth, with a prophet and apostles and the same organization. He lives and leads it and I am so grateful.

How I live my faith

I enjoyed playing for choirs. I hadn't played for a few years when overseas. It was something I missed, assuming those past opportunities would never happen again. I was called to play again in the church. My talent was revived and I was given the chance to develop it further, once again playing for choirs. Another calling I had was to encourage other church members to develop and display their musical talents, especially the youth. Teaching the children of different ages has been so rewarding. Working with the young women as secretary, including going on camps with them and helping them organize activities when two of my daughters were that age, was very enjoyable and a valuable help for me in raising my teenage girls. The programs are inspired. Each woman, over eighteen, in the church is visited by two sisters, once a month. I have looked forward to these visits myself and have come to love those sisters I have visited. Organizing the teaching of lessons for the women to help them be better wives and mothers and strengthen homes and families is another calling I have had. Encouragement is given to develop physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Recently my husband and I have a calling as Stake Welfare and Employment Specialists. This has included having Welfare Workshops and Employment Workshops as well as training on the website, www.ldsjobs.org which is proving successful. It is considered vital that we develop self reliance so we can care for ourselves and our families as well as others of our community who are likely to need help. We consider that when we care for others as guided by love, our service to them becomes the gospel in action. It is pure religion. As David H. Burton, Presiding Bishop said, "This is the sacred work the Saviour expects from His disciples. It is the work He loved when He walked the earth. It is this work I know we would find Him doing were He here among us today."