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Hi I'm Tiffany

I'm a mom. I'm a writer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've been married for more than ten years. I have a six-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son. Life is busy but joyful as often as I seek for it to be. I am so very blessed to be able to stay home with my children. I am writing a novel and when I have the time, a blog entitled "Keeping Christ." I wish I had more time each day to read and write. I love it! I have a large extended family, most of whom live nearby. Sometimes life is just plain overwhelming, but the Lord Jesus Christ sustains me according to my faith. When I have so many good things I could do each day, it's hard to choose which is most important. I try to rely on the principles of the gospel to guide me, listening for His still, small voice as often as I can. I'm not perfect - in fact, I am a recovering perfectionist! I know I need the Lord to do what I do every day, and although that never can include the many things on my plethora of to-do lists, I can still feel peace at the end of the day because of Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

I am grateful to have been taught as a small child that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I remember my mother singing His praises every day in our home. I have never doubted the truthfulness of His divinity and power. As I grew up and faced the challenges life brought, I wondered about eternal truths. I wanted to know more. Everything I learned at church would spur me to deeper questions. I wanted more detail, more clarity, more knowledge. The answer that "we are not supposed to know that yet" wasn't enough for me. It just didn't feel right. I went in and out of activity in a church. Then I met my future husband, who was Mormon. A few months later, a dear friend of mine died suddenly in a car accident. He was 19. I was hysterical. But my husband was at peace. He said that perhaps my friend had a mission to fulfill on the other side of the Veil, something important that Heavenly Father needed him to do. I was shocked and intrigued by this peaceful eternal perspective. More questions followed, and each time I asked him or the missionaries from his church anything, they always had a really good answer. New knowledge came to me, but it felt as though I was remembering things I already knew. Two more principles of the gospel especially impressed me. The first was the doctrine that we lived before we came to this earth - with our Heavenly Father, and that we agreed to come here to have our faith tried and tested, and to become more like Him. The second was that all who die without knowing about Jesus Christ will have the chance to learn of Him and accept Him as their Savior. Having gained all of this understanding and more, I would never have been motivated to join and follow the teachings within this Church had I not knelt in humble, faithful prayer, asking the Lord to tell me whether or not these teachings were true. I asked to know whether Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God, and whether or not this Book of Mormon was Christ's true word. The answer to my prayer was yes.

How I live my faith

At church, I have participated in various teaching positions. Now, I am instrumental in organizing the Sunday program for the children, ages 18 mos to 11. I love to see their sweet faces each Sunday and be reminded of how we must become like little children, as Christ said. I also visit several women once a month to check on them and see how they are doing and how I can serve them. I try my best to teach the gospel to my children each day. As a family, we pray each morning and night and we hold family scripture study nightly after dinner. We call it "circle time." Once a week, we have Family Night, during which we share a special gospel lesson and fun activity with our attention focused on our children. I also write a blog, called Keeping Christ, where I try to share some of the principles of the gospel that I am learning in life to help uplift and strengthen others. I am honest in all I do. I try to stand up for what is right and help those in need. I know the Lord will help me through my trials and I try my best to exercise Faith, Hope and Charity. He blesses me beyond measure.