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Hi I'm Gordon

I grew up in Cairns, I like taking something that is run down and turning it into something useable and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a dad of 3 and a Husband of 1 ;) I have a daughter who is 6 (first year of school), a son who is 3 and another son who is just over 9 months and last but not least a WIfe who I've been married to for ....just joking honey 3 years, 6 months, 15 days, 4 Hours, give or take. I'm just gone 30 and We started paying off a house 18 months ago. I have studied in what we call in Australia a TAFE college. It is at TAFE that i met my wife. After we meet it was quite hard to consentrate on studying, but I finished that course. During the course, I was exposed to a Psychology class. I found it extremely interesting. If all I had to consider is what I want to study, I'd study psychology. Some passtimes that I enjoy are Singing, Animals and Playing Cricket. Fishing - I don't get to go fishing a whole lot these days. In my younger days, when I lived in Cairns, I would go fishing quite often. Warren and I would often get up before dawn to head out fishing. To start with we would fish only in the estuary. As we got older we would venture further out to the surrounding islands to catch reef fish. Animals - I've always found it easy to watch/observe animals, even when quite young, I would prefer to watch an animal documentory over a cartoon. Singing - I can always remember looking forward to singing hymns in church as a lad. I currently enjoy being part of a chior. Out of all of my intrests, spending time with my young family is the most rewarding. I love coming home to them.

Why I am a Mormon

While I look back and think that I am so glad that I was a member from birth and during school. At the time going through school I felt like I was.... I guess an ugly duckling. It was easy for other children make fun of some things that I did differently. Sometimes I felt a little ashamed. I wanted to be more part of the group. But not at the expense of the commandments of God. I have to say though, sometimes it wasn't the standards that I had that made me different;) I'm glad that these church standards help me avoid dangers that I didn't understand. There are many things to look in from the outside and see that can help yourself and your family, many values that you might be alligned with. But out of eveything, I want you to take away from what I say about why I'm a 'Mormon' I want you to remember this: God lives, He is does not intend on there being so much confusion about organised religion. I have not met him, but I feel his love and his love for his children. He has chosen Prophets in the time of the Bible and he has revealed to me that he chose the farmer boy Joseph Smith as a Prophet and that he met and received instruction directly from God and our elder brother Jesus Christ. I know this because the Holy Ghost witnessed it to me. ( For more elaboration on how the Holy Ghost witnesses to a person, I invite you to talk to one of our missionaries on this page.) Because of this I know that this church is set up by God. If you strip this church down, that is what it comes to: If the Holy Ghost did not witness to the members that it is God's church, It would be a great organisation, nothing more. But the Holy Ghost has revealed it to me and if you desire the Holy Ghost can reveal it to you.

How I live my faith

Firstly I live my faith by loving and teaching my children. I make time often to read from the scriptures and teach them. They are the future, so it is important to me to teach them to be better than I was (in thier own way). I give them priesthood blessings. when they are sick and other times, I bless them. I lay my hands gently on their head and bless them as I would think Jesus Christ would bless them if he were present. At the appropriate time I will baptise children and pass on the priesthood to my son. I'm part of a group of men at our congregation, we organise to go out and do what we call 'Home Teaching'. we all have 3-4 families and we go out in pairs to visit the homes of current members in our local area. I am called out from time to time to also give priesthood blessings to other families. I feqent the local temple. A temple is different to where we meet on sunday. I go to the temple to recieve ordinaces (such as baptism) on behalf of my family that have passed on. There spirit lives on and in spirit the except or reject the ordinance that I have performed on thier behalf. Being a Mormon has changed me, it is hard to guage how much by because I grew up trying to keep the standards of the church. But it is more than that, even growing up in this faith I can recall being selfish (once or twice). When confronted with a decision, I would alway go with what is best for me. Being a 'Mormon' has helped me to raise my vison and see beyond little old me. It has helped me to look ahead and when I make a decision I try to make the best decision for all people that are involved. I see myself quite often doing tasks for other people because I want to help. (That might be just part of growing up though) At times I get tired, worn down, feel like I can't go on. It is then that I remember that there are many things that I can do, but what are the most important.