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Hi I'm Jennifer.

I grew up in northern Minnesota. I'm a mother of six, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a small Mormon church in northern Minnesota, the oldest of four children. We were the only Mormons in our schools. My mother was taught by missionaries and baptized when I was four years old, but my father never did join the Church. I loved gymnastics, dance, swimming, diving, biking, ice skating, tubing, rollerskating and church dances. For years I was determined to attend church colleges and meet a great guy like the different missionaries that had passed through our church. As a senior in high school, a church friend and I enlisted in the Army Reserves as combat medics, and I enjoyed my military experiences. After a year of attending college in Alaska where my parents had moved, my dad finally let me attend a church college in Idaho. I loved Ricks Jr. College and BYU (where I met my wonderful husband) and graduated with a B.S. in nursing. We have four daughters, two sons, and one grandson. As a family, we waterski, snow ski, camp, and travel to visit relatives. I have a graduate certificate in public health, and I enjoy learning about nutrition and politics. My greatest joy and challenge has been being a wife and mother. I know these are divine callings which provide necessary growth, and I have learned that true joy comes from putting aside self, finding and using our unique gifts to serve, and fully loving and being loved.

Why I am a Mormon

Children typically get baptized at age eight. I was baptized at age nine after waiting all the previous year for someone to talk to me about being baptized and telling my mom I wanted to be. I have chosen to stay a member of this church ever since then because it has always made sense to me and has always felt right, compared to the teachings of other churches. When I was 19, however, I more fervently prayed and committed myself to living the gospel. I repented of everything I could think of that I did wrong, and I studied the Book of Mormon daily. One evening while reading the Book of Mormon, the Holy Spirit touched me, and I "knew" I was forgiven and born again into a newness of life. The scriptures opened up to me, and I was excited about all I was learning. I knew the Book of Mormon was the word of God, and I knew I was different. From that moment on, I was more committed to living the gospel than ever before. However, with that commitment, I also had kind of black and white thinking and had to gradually learn to be less judgmental and more forgiving of myself and others, and to accept the fact that it's okay that I'm slowly learning line upon line, precept upon precept. I know God's plan for my happiness and the happiness of my family members accounts for this learning curve. This church and all its teachings keep me anchored in true principles. Truth is simple to understand, and as I keep learning truth through prayer, obedience, and study of the scriptures, the Holy Spirit keeps witnessing to me that the teachings of this church and of the Holy Bible are true and from God. This assurance is a peaceful feeling to one's heart and mind that something is right and good. If I were to describe that feeling to someone who may think they have never felt that, I would relate it to a married couple witnessing the birth of their child-- joy, peace, and a feeling that this is right and good. (The Holy Ghost testifies of all things God approves of.)

How I live my faith

I live my faith by striving to follow the Savior on a daily basis- by living in obedience to His teachings so I can be guided by the Holy Spirit, by attending church every Sunday (even if we are traveling), by fulfilling church assignments, by keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and by serving my family and my fellowman. I pray and study the scriptures every day. I am working at loving others unconditionally as Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me. I know this takes faith, positive thoughts, study, work, fortitude, humility, repentance, forgiveness, and purposeful acts of kindness. I know that as I do these things and as I also learn to communicate better, put aside selfless cares and extend myself to others more, that I will find more and more joy here and in the eternities. I currently serve as a Cub Scout Chairperson. I love trying to make the program as fun and as effective as I can. I strive to help the boys come unto Christ as they incorporate the 12 core values of Cub Scouting into their lives, which are essentially Christ-like attributes.

Are Mormons Christians?

Yes. Some believe we are not Christian because they say we believe in a different Jesus Christ. This belief stems from the fact that we do not believe in the Trinity-- a belief that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ & the Holy Ghost are one in substance. We believe that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ & the Holy Ghost are three separate & distinct individuals who are one in purpose, each with the same functions as other Christians believe. This misunderstanding also comes from a belief that we have to work our way to Heaven; however, we know there is nothing that we can do to earn our way to Heaven & that if it was not for the atonement & grace, we could not be saved. We do believe, though, that we need to keep trying to follow Christ & develop his love for others so we can have the most joy in this life & in the life to come. I also heard a Christian preacher say: "Mormons believe Jesus was a man who became a god of many gods." Jesus was never a mere man. He was divine & perfect from the beginning. Christ created this world & was the God of the Old Testament. Do Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ look like men? Yes. Adam & Eve were literally created in their image, & Moses literally "spoke to God face to face as a man speaketh to a friend." After Christ was resurrected, he showed his disciples & others that he had a body of flesh & bones. He is still a glorified, resurrected being who leads his church today. We do not have many gods- just the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Show more Show less