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Hi I'm Mark Jones

I am a nuclear worker of 36 years, a husband of 35 years, a father of 2, a grandfather of 9, and a Mormon of close to 20 years.

About Me

My father received a good education in the medical field and served in that capacity in the US Navy for 20 years. I therefore sought my education from the US Navy in Nuclear Power and while I only spent 4.5 years in the Navy, I have been in Nuclear Power for 36 years. Although I was not raised in any specific religion, my mother ensured that I knew God and Jesus Christ as she did. I have always been fascinated by science and the miracles wrought through science. I have always held that the technological advances of mankind only came to pass because it was the will and the purpose of our Heavenly Father above. My father helped instill this belief and conviction in me as well, by his understanding of the human body, modern medicine, and the credit he gave to God for the advances in the field of medicine. I am alive today because of such miracles. I am the recipient of a mechanical heart valve, a titanium knee joint, and I live without a thyroid gland by supplemental medication. As much as I am impressed with science and technology, I am even more amazed and touched by the glorious environment we live in. There is so much variety and beauty all around us to look at and to enjoy in many different ways. From the deserts, to the rain forests; from the plains, to the mountains, our Heavenly Father has given us so much to explore and to enjoy in whatever ways suit us. I personally love mountains the most, which has been the motivation for my favorite hobby, photography.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised by good parents who did their very best. Growing up, my family was very close, in spite of my father being gone a lot, as he served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War. So proud I was of my father that when I grew up and left home, I wanted to be just like him and have a life pretty much like he did. I wanted to find a wife that I would love and be married to for the rest of my life and even as my mother believed, throughout eternity. I found such a wife and we had two wonderful children. I even found a career that would allow me to take the education received in the Navy and make a good living in the civilian world, which meant I did not need to spend so much time away from my family. I thought life was going very well for me until some events came to pass in my parents’ lives that almost ruined their marriage, but did open my eyes to changes I needed to make in my life, as I realized that I was indeed very much like my father. At this point, the Lord provided an opportunity for my family to move back to Idaho for the second time, closer to the mountains, but in reality for a purpose we had not realized yet. Shortly after moving back to Idaho, I began to observe in my neighbors and the others I served with in Boy Scouts, behaviors and traits that seemed to be the very basis for the wonderful families that they made up. I began to ask questions and study them even more and soon concluded that they were attempting to live their religion, a religion that was very much focused on the family and striving to make families eternal. I had to have this for my family and we became Mormons. As a man of science who has always looked more to logic and reasoning for answers, and not relied on faith, this is probably what gave me my strong testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel, as I found that so much of what I was learning made sense by way of logic and reasoning. Therefore, the things that rely on faith are more easily embraced.

How I live my faith

As the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a church without paid clergy, and as a member who holds the priesthood, I am provided many opportunities to serve in the Church. I have had many assignments (callings) most of which have been in leadership positions. My favorite calling, which I have had the opportunity to serve in more than any other calling has been that of a missionary. I love to talk to people about my faith. I love to answer their questions and help them as they investigate the Church. Of course I would love to see everyone join the Church, but my greatest joy is just sharing my testimony and helping someone else draw a little closer to the Savior, Jesus Christ, and in so doing, draw a little closer to Heavenly Father. As people feel the spirit of the Lord, they cannot help but feel His witness to them that there is truth in the Gospel. I love to live my faith by helping others come to feel and know what I know. We do have a living Heavenly Father and He wants nothing more than for all of His children to return and live with Him forever, so much so that He has provided us a Savior, His son Jesus Christ, to make it possible.

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

Mark Jones
Jesus Christ showed by the example of his own baptism, that baptism is essential. In giving us his example, he also demonstrated for us the proper method by which baptism is to be performed and by what authority. As demonstrated by the Savior, this ordinance is performed on the physical body. When a person dies, their spirit leaves their body and is not reunited with the body until the resurrection. Since many have died without being baptized by the proper method and by the proper authority, the Lord has provided a means by which those individuals, after having been taught the Gospel in the spirit world, can be baptized by proxy in sacred temples. The concept of proxy is best demonstrated by the Saviors atonement. In offering himself as a sacrifice for all mankind, by proxy he has allowed himself to be punished for all of our sins that we may not have to go through the pain and agony he did. By proxy, members of the Church allow their bodies to be baptized for and in behalf of deceased ancestors. The practice of performing baptisms for the dead is not something instituted by the Mormons, for the New Testament gives a brief statement regarding this practice in the temples of old in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 15, Verse 29 "Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? Why are they then baptized for the dead?" Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Mark Jones
We revere Joseph Smith as a prophet, seer, and revelator. Much as Moses led the people of God in Old Testament times, Joseph Smith has led the people of God in modern times. Joseph Smith is not God, rather a servant who, under the direction of God, became the first prophet after many years of not having a living prophet on the Earth. He restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ and brought forth through translation, the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ. All of this was done under the direction of God. We worship God, who made this all possible, just as Joseph Smith worshipped God. Since Joseph Smith, there has been a living prophet on the Earth. Today that prophet is Thomas S. Monson, who is also revered as a prophet, seer, and revelator. Like Moses and Joseph Smith, he leads the people of God today. Show more Show less