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Hi I'm Chad Clayton

I grew up in Texas. I`m some weird hybrid combination of nerd, athlete, musician, intellectual, and Mormon.

About Me

I am a college student studying history and physics and -PAUSE- I`m currently a sun-burned missionary serving in Japan, and thus my hobbies include playing the piano, sightseeing, and sports. My previous hobbies, like camping/outdoor adventuring, games of all kinds (from Monopoly to Half Life 2), reading books that are not scriptures (Wheel of Time, anyone?), singing in a (good) choir, surfing the internet (for the LOLs), working out, watching movies (that aren`t about Christ), listening to music (that isn`t The Mormon Tabernacle Choir), swimming/cliff jumping, and then some, and possibly with girls, are on hold. I played rugby in High School and was on the Debate Team, and I`m hoping the two can be part of my future. I really like learning new things. That`s pretty vague. My favorite food (possibly due to a current lack thereof) is probably Mexican food, sans spiciness ( I think it ruins the finer aspects of taste). The possibility of a food-less heaven is frightening. Sometimes I write poems or draw mazes when I`m bored. I`m finding it difficult to describe myself. I love my family and I want one of my own. Possibly a large one. My sense of humor is probably a lot weirder than I realize, but it keeps me happy. I don`t think I`m `type-able`. You`ll just have to get to know me (something I`m still working on). I`m sure we`ll have some common interest. I wish I could return to my childhood. They were the best of times...And yet, I believe the best is yet to come.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe that Jesus Christ really lived, and not as a mere mortal with some good ideas for human relations. He is not fictional. I am convinced of that for many reasons, some of which are drawn distinctly from my personal experiences. Furthermore, I believe that there was a general apostasy of and from the early Christian church that he founded that resulted in a divine withdrawal of priesthood authority and gifts of the Spirit (as foretold in scripture). The restoration of the Gospel (not just a reformation) was necessary, and I believe that it was successfully accomplished by a man named Joseph Smith--an imperfect but noble man in whose life the inspiration of God is unquestionably manifest. He was a prophet not unlike Moses, and though during his life he was mocked, assaulted, slandered, and betrayed perhaps like no other man in history, and though his name STILL receives such treatment despite the countless joys and good works that have come from the church he founded, time will reveal that truth to every individual. Perhaps it will take until the judgment bar of God itself for some. I believe that the Church of Christ is back on the earth in it`s fulness, and though the title `Mormon` would have some oblivious to the fact, the `Mormon Church` is exactly that. Thus I am a member. The true Gospel of Christ, as mentioned above, is the fruit of that membership to all who will live it faithfully. I have experienced this fruit and highly recommend it. I intend to continue partaking thereof until the day I die. If there is an afterlife, and I believe there is, I will enter it confidently.

How I live my faith

At the moment, the primary way I show/live my faith is by working to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a missionary. I wouldn`t be doing it if I didn`t have faith that it is what I say it is, and I wouldn`t say I had faith in what I say unless I were doing it. But it isn`t just knocking on doors and teaching free English class. I honestly believe that through the principles of the gospel I can become a better person. I can become more patient, I can become more loving, I can become more diligent, etc. In short, I can become like Christ--this through his mercy and power (an actual force working on me). Rather, I can acquire in short measure the attributes that he perfectly personified and thus assure a happy future for myself and those around me. Perhaps the most frightening thought I think a man can have is this -- There is no change. You are who you are. -- When I live my faith, I know that the future is bright because I have the means and the time to make of it what I will. I can escape mistakes of the past and progress in this life and throughout eternity. I try a little harder each day. I try to do what Christ would have me do. I persevere with the knowledge that Christ had to deal with a whole lot more than I do. I pray for help.