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Hi I'm Brooke

I am a Mormon mom with a new interest in nutrition, have lots of bad hair days, and love to be with my family!

About Me

I am in my early 40's. I am what is often referred to as a stay-at-home mom, though I wonder about that as I don't stay home much. I love to laugh with my family, and just be with them doing anything. Contrary to popular opinion- teenagers can be lots of fun! We have what I lovingly call our 'hang-in-there' moments, but with the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are able to work through all things and have much joy together. Outside home responsibilities, I am a supervisor at the Community Kitchen, volunteer for my children's music and sports programs at the high school, and serve in my church. I like to watch movies, eat out, take walks, read great books. I realize that it is OK to set aside time for myself on occasion, and that it makes the times I invest in others even better. Favorite place to get away from it all... the mountains of Colorado. Wish I did it more! For about 4 years I dealt with over-weight issues. Not always easy or fun. I would say however, that knowing I am a daughter of God made it so much easier to work with. The number on the scale would go up and down and up again, but it never devalued who I was as a person. Happiness comes from within and is easy to feel knowing we have infinite worth in the sight of God. Whenever I did feel a pity party coming on, I realized it was generally because I was focused on myself and needed to spend more time being there for someone else and Voila! The smile returned!

Why I am a Mormon

I became actively engaged in the Mormon church when I was about 13 years old. It was then that I hit a crossroads in my life, and had to decide what really made me happy. I found it was the gospel, the feelings I had when contemplating why I was here and who I was. When I began to read the Bible and the Book of Mormon, especially the words of Christ himself, it changed me. I felt loved beyond measure and wanted to be a better person because of that love! Through high school and college years, I continued to keep the Lord as the center of my life. By doing this, I found that I lived with daily peace and genuine happiness. This has continued to this very day. I know that Christ lives, and that He atoned for my sins. This knowledge has blessed me beyond measure. Jesus Christ has established His church on the earth once again. I have seen and felt many evidences through the confirming peace of the Spirit to know this to be true. I love the focus my church has on families. I love knowing that the Plan of Salvation is available to all. I love knowing that all people, every one of us, will have the opportunity to know and learn of Jesus Christ and His atonement, whether in this life or the next. No one will be excluded from these blessings because their life circumstances or birth kept them from ever hearing His name. Knowing this to be true has made all the difference to me.

How I live my faith

Being a Mormon gives many opportunities to serve others and grow. I have been blessed to organize many activities/service projects, visiting/supporting fellow women & families, and teaching my own family for 20+ years. Giving me extreme happiness, these have been the means of connecting with others on a very personal level. Heart reaching heart. In the end however, I know I receive the most! I attend church on Sundays, renewing the covenant I made with Heavenly Father when I was baptized- that I would stand as a witness of Jesus Christ, follow His commandments and serve my fellow men the best that I can. I know that even with my best efforts, it is only thru the grace of Christ that I can be saved. What an incredible gift. I have a friend of another Christian faith that used to think I was doing good things in an effort to 'get myself' into Heaven. As if thru diligent efforts I would be able to save myself. It has been nice to share with him that I live the way I do because God has asked me to love and serve others, showing me this is what makes me the happiest. No matter what good things are done in this life, I believe it is only thru the atonement that Christ so lovingly provided that I have reason to rejoice. I currently work in the church program for women called the Relief Society. I see women of all backgrounds, age, race, and interests making a difference in the lives of those around them. It is a wonderful thing to watch and be a part of.