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Hi I'm Gary

I was born in Idaho. Our family of 9 moved to Las Vegas at age 5. I'm married, with 7 children. We live in Texas and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

We moved to the dry, hot, desert of Las Vegas from the snow, cold country of Idaho where my father, a health physicist, worked for one of the nuclear testing Labs out at the Nevada Test Site. I remember sitting on our house roof in Las Vegas and seeing a cloud dust rise into the air and feeling the earth shake like a small earth tremor. My father would catch the early morning bus around 6am and travel out to the testsite, work and come home around 6pm. He was a faithful father, who was always so kind & caring to everyone. He did so much for us as a struggling family in what many have called "Sin City." What added to our challenges was loosing a younger brother to an accidental death in our backyard at a young age of 7 years old, which I was the 1st person on the scene and was also a major factor in my mother suffering a mental breakdown that would place an enormeous strain on our family for the next 33 yrs. until her death from cancer at 75. To pass the long, hot summer days we would ride our bicycles out into the deserts looking for hidden treasures, hunting for lizards & horny toads & building forts. We would often go swim at the nearby community pool, go hiking & camping as a family & our scout troop in the nearby Red Rock & Mtn. Charleston National forests to cool off and enjoy Our Heavenly Father's creations. I met my sweet wife at college. We have enjoyed raising our children for the past 25 years from Prescott, Arizona to Las Vegas and now in Texas.

Why I am a Mormon

It was in those mountains on many trips with our scout troops that I would often gaze up into the heavens and ponder about my life and wonder about other suns, stars and plants and those who lived on them. I would often ponder upon my small, almost insignificance in the large picture of life and if God really knew me and understood my circumstances and where abouts. It was on these trips that I often felt & recieved the peaceful answers to my questions about life's many challenges. I have come to know & love Our Father in Heaven & who He really is as an exalted man who was once like us on another earth and that we can actually become like Him as His sons & daughters, as we seek & strive to be like Him. I have come to appreciate many trials, heart breaks & challenges in my live as opportunites as ways to grow closer to our family members, our neighbors and especially Our Father in Heaven. I have survived being bitten by a rattle snake & spending 3 days in the hospital, also having been bitten by a brown recluce spider, watching my sweet wife go through 7 pregnancies and burying 2 still born children & enjoying a surviving premature baby at less then 6 months, loosing my mother & father in law to cancer, recently witnessing a sister who miraculeously survived being hit by a car while on her bicycle and was put into a comma for over 2 months and slowly recovering. All of these challenges have helped me appreciate the fragilness of life and the need to exercise greater faith in Our Heavenly Father's plan of salvation. They have helped me see the goodness of people in our church and outside as they have added to our prayers & service during these hard times. These times have turned me to the scriptures and discovered the peace and comfort of the Holy Ghost as we have moved from our family and friends from Las Vegas, down here to Texas. We have a wonderful family in our new neighbors and church friends.

How I live my faith

When I was in 7th or 8th grade, I thought that life was all about success in acquiring a job to acquire money & material things. At this time I remember riding bikes with my friends in the desert and coming upon a 50 foot area where discovered real treasures of riches. There were watches, ear rings, rings, necklaces, all sorts of jewry. We filled up empty fruit cardboard boxes we found nearby with our treasures and put them on our handbars and brought them home to wow our sisters & brothers. I thought my Dad would be excited to now be rich and live happily ever after like a real fairy tale. I still remember the deep look of concern on his face when he came home that night to see the living room floor covered with our rich treasures. Needless to say, he called the police, who took away our stolen treasures. Later I remember reading & learning in the scriptures about real treasures & riches of heaven, even treasures of knowledge which to me is knowing who I am as a Child of God and the real purpose & meaning of life. When our premature daughter lay in the hospital, I remember having some very spiritual dreams that brought peace to my soul that she would live and all would be well. I remember well the loving, kind meals and acts of service our church members gave my family when my brother died and my mother began her mental illness. I have witnessed many such acts of kindness still in our family and with many others around us daily. These are evidences of the goodness of people throughout the world and the real meaning to live. A prohet once said, "When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God." I have witnessed that blessing in numerous eagle scout projects, youth days of service, humanitarian projects, meals for the sick & needy and many, many other ways. I am grateful to live in the USA. I am now a Texan and I'm a mormon.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

There has never been a greater need for a living prophet of God on the earth, then in our days! Just like Noah and other prophets, who strived to warn their generations of the embending floods of natural disasters, the severe dangers of immorality & wickedness, we too, now have a living prophet of God who continues to keep us aware of the dangers of our day and how to prepare for those turbulant times ahead. How grateful I am to know that President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet the Lord has chosen like Noah and other prophets, in our day to warn us of these coming natural & moral dangers in our society. Show more Show less