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Hi I'm Mick

I'm the father of 2 beautiful kids, the husband of one beautiful woman, and... I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a happy man. I have 2 beautiful children, currently aged 9 and 11. And I have a loving wife. I enjoy cycling. I have cycled the Okhotsk Cycling event along the north coast of Hokkaido 4 times. I enjoy table tennis (ping-pong) & I like to keep tropical fish. I have lived in three countries, Australia, where I was born & currently live, Japan, where I got married, and the Philippines, where I served a 2-year mission for the church. I am currently involved in tax accounting, but I have had a life filled with many differing work experiences. I taught English in Japan for 8 years, I have run an on-line web conferencing business, I have 14 years experience as a warehouse manager & inventory controller. I have also worked on the factory floor as a brazier (no, that's not something women wear. lol. I welded with brass) at a vehicle manufacturing plant in Acacia Ridge, and my first job was working on a grain farm at Wandoan, north of Miles, about 5 hours drive west of Brisbane.

Why I am a Mormon

Prior to joining the Mormon church, I hadn't been to church since the age of 13, with the exception of the occasional wedding or funeral. I used to ride motorcycles when I was in my teens. As is often the case when you are young, and "bullet-proof", I had a couple of brushes with death, which started me thinking more seriously about life and its purpose. One night, at my Mother's house in Toowoomba, wondering how I had managed to still be alive, I uttered what I remember as the first prayer I had ever said. Certainly, it was the first one I had ever really meant. I simply said, "God, if you are out there, please tell me what you want me to do with my life, and I'll do it." The next afternoon, two young men in white shirts knocked on the door, and asked me if they could share a message about Jesus Christ. Forgetting my prayer from the night before, I declined their offer, and they went their way. That night I had to drive to Brisbane, where I was working. During the drive, I was thinking about the encounter, and wondered if it might be related to my prayer. The thoughts weighed heavy on my mind throughout the week. So heavy, that by Wednesday, I had decided to listen to them. On the Saturday morning, I asked a few questions of the right people, and got their address. I drove around to the house they were living in, and knocked on their door. Two young men, not the same ones I had met the previous week, answered the door and I asked "Are you the Mormon missionaries?". They responded "Yes!". I then told them that I would like to hear what they have to teach me. I will never forget the looks on their faces. They spend most of their time knocking on doors and getting rejected. How often does someone knock on their door and ask to be taught? I listened intently to their message, wanting to know if there is a God and if what they were teaching me is true. That was 39 years ago now. I am no longer a young man of 20. I am now 59. I have been a Mormon since that time.

How I live my faith

Like the young men who taught me, knowing the message they have is true, being the right age and single, I also went on a mission for the church. I was called to serve in the Philippines, working in the Manila area. I loved it! It seems the Lord has a mission for me, because 39 years after I was baptised, 34 years after I served as a full-time missionary, I am still involved in missionary work. I serve as the mission leader in the area where we live. The "Branch Mission Leader" helps the church members to share the gospel. The message the missionaries have is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I have had it revealed to me as a result of asking God in prayer. He answered me with an overwhelming feeling of peace and happiness, which filled me with such incredible love, hope and joy. Because it is true, we gain the desire to share it with people we love, in the hopes that they will also learn of its truth and accept the offer to join with us, and experience that same joy. God will reveal the truth of our message to all who you ask with real intent. You can't just flippantly ask and expect an answer, which you are not prepared to follow. You must want to know, and you should be willing act on the knowledge that you receive. If you do this, you will discover as I have, the glorious eternity which awaits us, if we just live as we are taught. Being a member of the Mormon church is fun, and it keeps our family happy. I love watching our family grow through involvement.