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Hi I'm Nicole Samuela

I am a happily married mother of 4. I work as a youth worker, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have loved my calling to be a mother. Now that my children are growing up and preparing to leave the nest I am excited to persue the next phase of my life. I have recently enrolled to do a diploma in counseling. It has been my experience that the simple gospel truths that I have been able to apply in my own life have really provided a fantastic foundation to creating a truly happy life for me and my family. I love helping people discover their strengths and navigate themselves through their trials and come through the other side of difficulty stronger and better than even they could have imagined for themselves. I currently work with youth who have been removed from their families for a variety of reasons. My role is to offer them the support that they need in order to still become successful when it may seem that all hope is lost. People are my Passion!!

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the church as a small child of just 10 yrs old. I was introduced by my friend and her family. Even though they never pushed their beliefs or religion on me, I knew straight away that there was something very different about their family that was missing in mine. I loved being around them so much I practically lived with them. I was there first thing in the morning until well after supper. Sunday was the only day I was not able to go over as they went to church and it was family day. My young friend invited me to go to church with her and I so wanted to, just to be with them really as I had no idea what church even was, but unfortunately my parents wouldn't allow me. Everyweek I would ask and everyweek they would say no. Finally after a few months of persisting they allowed me to go to church with my friend. I didn't understand much of the doctrine that was being taught but I recognised how I felt when I was at church. I had experienced that feeling before. Many times as a little girl I was very scared. My parents would often be drunk and around drunk people. We hardly had any food and as a child I always felt in the way and unwanted. During the most difficult of times I would hide in the bathroom and pray. I don't know how I learnt to pray as I had never been to church before maybe I saw someone do it on T.V? but during those tough time my little spirit knew to call on my Heavenly Father and I did. After my little but very sincere prayer my body was enveloped by this warmth and peaceful feeling, and my heart would hear something whispering to me that I was loved everything will be ok. It gave me the strength to go out and face my world with courage. I recognised that feeling whenever I was in the home of my little friend and when I was at church. Two years later at the tender age of 10 I entered the waters of baptism and was blessed with the gift of the Holy Ghost now I am able to have that wonderful feeling as my constant companion not just momentarily

How I live my faith

I serve as a Sunday School teacher in our ward. I love it! There is nothing more rewarding than being an instrument in the Lords hand to bring enlightenment into someone elses life. I feel privilidged to be a special witness to someone's sacred experience when they come to know for themselves that they have a Father in Heaven who not only loves them but he knows them. That brings so much joy into my life. It has also ignighted within me my love for people. People of all ethnicity's, religions, social economic backgrounds. I now seek to find for the good in everyone I see. I recognise them as my spiritual brothers and sisters. I feel connected to all of them. As I have learnt to love myself as a precious daughter of God, it is so much easier for me to love others, because now I understand that as the light of Christ dwells within me it also dwells within you and I stive to seek out that light in others. I know that it is because of the gospel of Jesus Christ and my best efforts in trying to apply the gospel to my life, is the reason why I experience such a happy life. It brings me peace in the midst of tribulation, it brings comfort in times of despair and it brings guidence when I am confused and direction when I am at a crossroads in life Living my faith is not always easy. I have been challenged in many areas. It has been requested of me to go outside of my comfort zone many times in order to serve the Lord. This is one of the greatest blessings my membership has given me. Because of my child hood and leaving school at 15, I was not very confident in my ability to do anything at all yet alone to do it well. Over the years of dedicated service I have learnt that it was I who was recieving all the blessing. Serving gave me the confidence to try. I was blessed with humility to pray, ask for help and learn, and I was blessed with the wonderful feeling of success. Now I know without a shadow of a doubt that "With God, Nothing is Impossible".