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Hi I'm Lybi

I live in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. I am a full-time mom and a part-time piano teacher. I'm very happy to be a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a rural area of New Mexico where I milked goats twice a day. I got my BS in Human Development from BYU, which is where I met my husband. Together we have lived in Las Vegas, Ann Arbor, and Arizona. We have 3 active little boys and one darling little girl. I am a stay-at-home mom, but I also teach piano lessons and compose music. Some of my favorite things are chocolate, guacamole, reading, yoga, running, singing, and playing piano. Some of the things I detest include canned tuna, internet trolls, public restrooms, and cleaning the shower. As my children get older I am starting to think about going back to school to get a master's degree, but I'm not quite ready just yet.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents are members of the Church, and they did an excellent job of teaching the gospel to me in a loving way. Because they took the time to explain everything to me, the gospel always made sense and I never had a strong desire to rebel against their teachings. However, as a teenager I began to really question what I knew for sure about God--independent of what anyone else thought. I started studying scriptures--the Bible and the Book of Mormon, mainly, with a renewed interest. My prayers became more meaningful and I started to ask God for answers to questions I had about religious things and life in general. The more questions I had, the more the scriptures seemed to speak to me and teach me. I was 17 years old when I had a powerful experience with prayer that left me with no doubt of the reality of Jesus Christ and his extremely important role in my life. It is not that I saw an angel or heard a voice--but it could not have affected me any more strongly if it had been. It was just a feeling, such a very powerful feeling of love and light in my heart and of the presence of God. I have come to recognize this experience as a witness of the Holy Ghost, who testifies of Jesus Christ and of God the Father. I have felt it many times since then, and every time it confirms my faith that there IS a point to our lives here and that we are all very much loved. There is no such thing as a person who does not matter. I have had wonderful experiences sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. I have seen the light of innocence return to the eyes of what had been a cynical and jaded person. I have seen people have the courage and strength to give up addictions that controlled their lives. I love this gospel and the hope that it brings to people who embrace it.

How I live my faith

On the public side of my faith, I go to church, where I currently teach young women gospel principles. I go visiting teaching--which just means I go see several other women once a month and visit with them and teach a short lesson. I attend the temple on about a bi-weekly basis. Once a quarter or so I attend meetings for women where chocolate is almost always served at some point (yipee!). And I love to go to the ward parties, like the Christmas party, the Halloween party, etc. My boys who are old enough go to boy scouts at the church once a week, and they really enjoy that. Every Monday night our family tries to spend time together doing something fun or teaching the children about something important. The best thing about the public side of practicing my faith is interacting with all the wonderful people in the ward. Everywhere I have lived, all my life, I have had a strong network of people that care about me, and who I know will help me if I need it. And there are great role models in every ward--women with more experience who I can learn from and families who are strong and healthy. The private side of my faith includes all those behaviors that no one else knows about except for me. I pray morning and night--thanking God for this beautiful earth and the privilege of being alive and being a mother. I pray before I eat my meals, when I am discouraged or upset, and when I feel extra grateful. I try to care for my body by abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, and drugs. It has been a HUGE blessing in my life to avoid all the complications these addictive substances can cause. I read or listen to some scriptures every day. I LOVE to read about Jesus' life in the New Testament. I pay tithing, which is 10% of my earnings, and donate to causes through the church. The most important thing I do to live my faith is to try to treat people with kindness and respect and give love to those who need it.