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Hi I'm Sorella Candace Kealani Smith

I grew up in Utah. I love who I am. I live to make people happy along with myself. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints now and for the rest of my life! I have gone through things no other person can comprehend except for my savior Jesus Christ. I am finishing college with a BS in Art and Visual Communications. I have designed clothing and jewelry for a little kids company. I have held various jobs and worked with people from all over the world. I have found much joy and love in being a nanny for a few families and have grown to see them as my own family. I have started a few of my own businesses and desire to continue to start more. I continually crave learning about cultures and sharing mine. I have lead many different kinds of groups from beginner designer fashion shows to leadership training's, however that doesn't not make me an expert in any category. I love cooking, cleaning, organizing, throwing parties including weddings, painting, ceramics, sculpting, dancing, reading, walking, getting to know people, sewing, helping people out, working with computers, swimming, reading The Book of Mormon, relating things to one another, telling stories, and well in the end Just being ME!

Why I am a Mormon

Being raised in the LDS faith doesn't mean I always believed. I was strong in the church growing up with wavering moments that never lasted. Once I moved out on my own though my story and strength drastically changed. It was hard to go to church when people you lived with wouldn't attend. I soon found my self in a dark unhappy place. I could only find happiness that would last for a short time and when I would go to parties and be around people I would find my self unable to recognize the girl in the mirror. I knew better, for before my thirteenth birthday I went through a series of being told that I might not live much longer because something was happening to my body and it was shutting down. I remember those nights very clearly as though they were yesterday. I remember having to come to terms with the fact that I might die. However, one night after receiving a father's blessing, I too prayed as best as I could with my crippled body. I received an answer that night that everything was going to be okay. I used as much faith as I could muster at that time, that the feeling I received was true. A few weeks later the doctors in disbelief and uncertainty said, your new tests are now just saying you have arthritis in every joint and the rest is unexplainable. I knew then, that this was Heavenly Father giving me a second chance, and my life changed dramatically. So, when I was then in a dark place living on my own, I remembered all that I have gone through up to this point and knew, IT WAS TIME TO RETURN HOME TO THE LDS FAITH, MY HEAVENLY FATHER, AND START LIVING WHAT I KNOW! It was a rough, bitter sweet, humbling road back and not at all easy. Even now I still deal with things from my past that I know that WITHOUT Heavenly Father I am nothing. ONLY because of the Savior, Jesus Christ and His atonement, can I be were I am today. He made it possible for me to repent and become the person I am today!

How I live my faith

I accept every calling that comes my way, knowing that the Lord calls those whom He has qualified. I am currently a teacher in my ward and though there are times when I feel so unprepared, as long as I pray for the Holy Ghost to be with me and to be worthy to be a vessel for the Lord to speak and teach through, and do all I can, I know that what I say and teach will be exactly what is needed. I have witnessed this to be true time and time again. My callings have blessed me with an enlarged heart to love people more fully and to gain more compassion and understanding for all of Gods children. I volunteer for various things within my communicate and strive to serve those around me as well, even when it seems like I don't have the time or means to. Service makes me feel alive and gives my life more meaning as I focus on others and less on myself. While serving I am constantly inspired to create new sculptures that tell new stories through my art. I practice what preach/teach. There is no such thing as a church me and an everyday me, I am the same everyday of the week, striving to be a better person and an example of Jesus Christ at all times, in all things, and in all places.