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Hi I'm Jeanine

I'm a Mormon from Georgia - hot and peachy

About Me

There has been many adventures in my life, traveling most of the world - and, in most cases, more due to following my parents instead of my own - from France, England, the Philippines, Hong Kong (under English rule), Italy, Switzerland, etc. This has made my eyes wide open and more understanding of people of different races, an unsatiated thirst to know how they live and fare in this world. I am a mom with four kids and as I grew up (still going through the process!), I discover that I find myself in the passenger mode and not strive to run the world. By right, I am not a pusher of paper or people, so I am not in the who's who list, and the only world I can make an effect in is that of my kids (when they were young). I have gone to college (Bachelor's degree) and lately back to school at a vocational school in the medical field. Whether I will find a job is another challenge, but the field I am in was something that I spent in years ago before I got married. I went back to it, especially when I see my kids have developed my characteristics, and in some way, it's a joy to find that out, and in another way, it's unfortunate to discover that propensity late in life. My hobbies and interests are varied from crocheting, needlecraft, reading mysteries although I jump at any activity. Exercise and I don't get along, simply for the reason that I think it's too demanding. I listen to music - 50's, 60's, anything but rap. I don't much about today's singers. I like movies.

Why I am a Mormon

I came into the church in 1996. I was a Lutheran, active in all their programs (Youth director, choir member, etc.), but somehow something was missing. At that time, my oldest daughter just joined the church and it affected her a lot in that I sensed some changes for good in her. I was then curious, and to make the story short, she brought two missionaries. At first I was reluctant, wondering how two 19-year-old boys could change my mind. However, after the second discussion, they answered one of the questions I had posed to grown-ups in the Catholic church and the Lutheran church, of which the answer they gave me was learned and could not be explained. The missionaries convinced me otherwise. I was baptized in June 1996 and every day, the wonder and simplicity of the purpose still baffle me and still teach me. It is a true church - true in the sense it is on earth to be of comfort to the people of all races; true from the missionaries who devote their time and talents for the building up of the church, wanting not to increase the number of the members in the church, but to bring happiness and a feeling of ease from the trouble and grief; true in the programs and projects for the welfare of the people of the church.

How I live my faith

I am now a counselor in one of the programs that concentrate on the women of the church. I have numerous callings over the years, and not one of them can be termed "better" than the previous because they all have the same purpose - how to nourish, nurture, promote the lives of the individuals. To have a calling is to be actively busy, to constantly be in contact with the people. For example, to visit teach the women. It's a monthly, if not more often, visit the women you are assigned to. All it takes is a personal visit to see how they are faring, whether they are burdened with kids, with money, with personal issues; and to best resolve it (take care of the kids one afternoon, connect with the bishop's warehouse for food, or contact one of the church's programs). Sometimes you can do it yourself, sometimes you let others do it - but there are answers to your troubles. You hear of stories of those contacts and it just melts your heart. I've learned that one doesn't have to wait for big miraculous times, for the light to come down at one's head, for sounds of trumpets - but, if you care about people, the little things (like saying hello, a pat on the back) can propel the mind a thousand miles. Another thing is to read the bible and Book of Mormon - do I know everything about them? No way - I learn every day and it's been 15 years since I joined the church. To truly be a part of this church, I feel I have to do everything - go to church, conferences, every event the church has to offer. Unless one is immersed, one can't be complete - just like being baptized.