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Hi I'm Scott Jeffery Winegar

I'm a Mormon. Because I choose to be. We all have to decide for ourselves no matter our background.We are all invited to choose!:)

About Me

I grew up in the tiny town in northen Nevada, to a family that ended up being seven boys, and one sister that is the youngest. Im the fifth born. I did Wrestling, cross-country and track. I read Fantasey books and Play Dungeons & Dragons to exercise my imagination and because its fun. I did Drama class and enjoyed acting. I tutored children to read. Im currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Virginia Richmond Mission.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents did the best they could to prepare us phyiscally, mentally, and spiritually for the world. A side affect of that was being raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Growing up I tried very much to be the black sheep of the family and doing so led me to question my parents beleifs. I struggled alot with religion and found myself with a very Anti-Mormon veiw that i felt very passionate about. All my older brothers decided to serve missions for The Church, and i was determined to be the first not to go. I graduated and continued with my life. But as i was out running one morning after a stressed night at work I came across a LdS church and for some reason i ran to the to a spot with trees and knelt and prayed. This was very confusing for me. I didnt beleive in god, I didnt follow abunch of old men in suits, I didnt want to pray to a being that probably wasn't there. Several times i came back to those trees and prayed. No angel appeared. Nothing caught fire. No warm feeling filled my chest. But finally after a while I was willing to listen and see. To exactly What I did not know. But next thing I knew I was at church and Praying on my own and my Mission Papers were turned in by none othter than me. I got ready and said goodbye to my friends ,that I hope someday will know why I decided to leave them, and went to the Missionary Training Center. What this gospel means to me? Everything. Because everything I love is a peice of it,big or small, and i realize more peices go where everytime I am sincerely searching. This Gospel is Reality. Whether accepted or not. 1+1 = 2, the apple falls from the tree, God Loves us. It all just depends on when we figure it out. Whether in a grove or when we stand before God Himself. You'll figure it out eventually. I love ya, and so does Jesus :)

How I live my faith

By doing what i can, when i can. I live my faith by following what my faith says to do as best as i am humanly able.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Scott Jeffery Winegar
One definition listed for ‘cult’ in Webster’s Dictionary is “a religion regarded as unorthodox.” Since the roots of Mormonism are not a break off from the Catholic or Protestant churches, it is seen by some as “unorthodox.” Some people are afraid of something foreign and unknown. We invite all to see and understand that our faith is not truly foreign when correctly understood and that it will ring true to their soul if people are willing to listen. It is beatifully simple, and simply beatutiful. Show more Show less