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Hi I'm Greg

I am a lifelong member of the Mormon Church. I have traveled widely, and seen much . . . I am still a Mormon.

About Me

I am married to my college sweetheart and I have four sons. My oldest son just left for his mission to Moscow, Russia. I served a two year mission in the late 1980s to Taipei, Taiwan. It was a fantastic experience that shaped and molded me. I came to know my Savior through challenging work, wonderful people, and the opportunity to serve others without remuneration or recognition. My love for the Chinese and Taiwanese people has guided me career. I spent a few years in the hotel industry trying to eventually move to Southeast Asia. I never made it, but I still hope to someday get back over there and take my children with me. The adventure of a mission has also never left me. Since then, I have traveled 4 continents, explored various religions, met people from all over the world and all walks of life. I have been enriched by these experiences. I love to learn languages and explore other cultures. It fascinates me to see the experiences others are having in their lives and how they are being molded and shaped by God to his glory. I play the piano and guitar. I love to snow ski and scuba dive. I am currently serving as a bishop for the Church in Mesa, Arizona. My life is happy, abundant and fulfilling in every way. Because I do not view myself as anything extraordinary, I must attribute my happiness and contentment to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the amazing plan that our Savior established to help each of us grow, learn and hopefully return to Him.

Why I am a Mormon

I converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while preparing for my full time mission. I had always had faith that the Church was true, meaning the actual, restored Gospel that was originally established by Jesus Christ himself, and then lost to the tides of pagan philosophy, politics and corruption during the early periods following the death of the Apostles. But as I read, really read, the Book of Mormon, it became clear to me that this Book could not have been written by the unlearned, unschooled boy Joseph Smith. Indeed, it could not have been produced by the smartest group of scholars or professors of religion in the 1820s. The Book is too sophisticated and profound. As I poured over its pages, I was transformed by the stories and teachings of those whose lives are recorded in its pages. This was more than a "feeling" . . . it was an absolute and indisputable revelation through the Holy Spirit, promised to all of those who seek for truth and strive to live the best they can to be worthy of God's holy influence. Since this time, I have invested much time and effort into understanding other faiths and their holy books. Much can be learned from these sources. But no other Book has the power of the Book of Mormon. It is undiluted truth that has the ability and power to transform the human heart and mind. Don't get me wrong, I love the Bible too. I just finished an indepth study of the Gospels, and the lessons and teachings of my Savior have fundamentally changed me yet again. But it is plain that the text has been compromised, either intentionally or incidentally, so that one can clearly discern that something is missing, or mixed up. Someday we will understand exactly what happened. But read together with the Book of Mormon, the Bible yields its full fruit, and it is very sweet and delicious to the taste. All I can tell you is what I have personally experienced. Some my doubt, but I know better. I know what I know.

How I live my faith

I am serving as the Bishop of a large and active ward right now. It is the most overwhelming and humbling thing I have ever done. I can testify that my local ward would never survive if it was just me, simple old me, trying to make it work. No organization run by volunteer clergy could survive the test of time. This is ample evidence that something else is going on here. Just go attend at a local service. You will see what I mean. It's not always or often "profound," but it is almost always astonishingly straightforward and simple. The simple and pure truths taught by Jesus Christ himself exemplified and implemented on a local level. The whole thing lead and overseen at the local level by volunteers who love each other and their Savior Jesus Christ. I have greatly enjoyed my time as Bishop. I do my best to help those around me to be successful in their callings in the Ward and in their own lives. I try to be a good and kind neighbor. I have served on the board of the local food bank as well as the board of the county bar association's foundation that provides legal services to the poor or underprivileged. We give to the local Goodwill store. I have coached my four sons and many other young men through 10 seasons or more of baseball, basketball, soccer, flag football and other sports. We have served in the local homeless shelter and cleaned up neighborhood parks. I am not perfect, but through the grace of Christ, I hope to be made perfect with his help and patience so that I can someday endure his presence when he comes on earth to reign again, as is his right and as prophesied. I love Him. I want to be like Him and serve Him for eternity. That is my joy and mission. Right now, I serve Him by helping his flock and utilizing whatever gifts and talents he has given me to lift and bless his children. What a glorious thing it is. It is true. I know this beyond any doubt.