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Hi I'm Jordan

Raised in Texas, love music and good literature, am now serving the Lord and my fellow men. And I'm a Mormon. :)

About Me

I'm not normal, but hey who is. i love a good book or a good song to lift me when the days are hard. i play racket ball and run for sports though when i go home i plan to skateboard or play soccer again. I'm currently serving a two year mission in CA where i hope to do much good and bring people happiness that they don't have. I am from a big family, oldest of 7 and i love them all. i plan to go to college after my mission at BYU Idaho but my plans might change. i am an eagle scout and have joined my local CERT group. before my mission i could often be found with my friends, I try my best to have fun. some times people tell me that they can't tell when i am joking and that people who don't know me that well might think i am robotic or a little hard to deal with. so I resolve to do better and make improvments to myself so that i can be more like the savior. and just be and have fun! :)

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? well because i have given the Book of Mormon, and the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints a try. i have read the Book of Mormon once in a day, once in a week, and seven times in one year. it is the word of God give to us in these the last days to bless us and to prepare us for the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints is Christ's church on this earth today. Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and through a living Prophet tells us the covenants, blessings and commandments for our day and time. i do nothing for the sake of anyone but those who i love, the most important of which is my Heavenly Father, his son Jesus Christ and my family and friends. i am a believer because i prayed, studied, and experimented on the truthfulness of these things (the Book of Mormon) since i was very young. i knew then and i know now that God loves and knows who i am. he sent his son to atone for all men and through his commandments and covenants we may all return to live with them again. with this knowledge i must do what i can to bring other souls to know these eternal truths and with them have fullness of joy.

How I live my faith

i live my faith by right now serving a mission. going out to preach the eternal truths and bring others the happiness that have received, i always act as i would if i were in the presence of people i respect and love, and treat others as best i can. i am by no means perfect. i am not always kind in my words, pure in my thoughts, and at times i can be quite lazy or sad dispite knowing what i know. but my faith is that i can and will be better and that as i change and do as God would have me do I become more like him and do not need to be told what to do but want to do things that bring happiness to others and to Him.

Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

We baptize our new members because we love them! we know that baptism is the gate on our way back to our heavenly home to be with all of our loved ones. I would be very sad not to see many of the people who i have come to know and love not make it back home. Baptism is also a covenant that we make with God our Heavenly Father. we promise him to follow his comandments, accept Christ as our savior, and strive to become like him. In return we are able to be forgiven of our sins, and return to live with God and our loved ones again. What a great blessing! :) Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

YES! because God loves us as much as he did in olden times, we need his guide the Prophet in these the last days. the Prophet leads us and guides us according to the will of the Lord. the scriptures show us that many blesssings come from following the Prophet. he know the way. :) Show more Show less

What is faith?

Faith for myself is knowing that what i do will give me what I want in the end. If I have faith I get up each morning Beliveing that i can make each day great. most often we don't get an answer to what we want to know until we first act and have a leap of Faith. :) Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

No we do not. we know that he is a Prophet of God and that he was prepared to bring forth the Book of Mormon and restore Christ's church to the earth. He is a great man. Show more Show less

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

Our body hold our spirit, our spirit is the part of us that feels and has cares, worrys and disires. while we are on earth we are to care for our bodys and to keep them in good working order to best be able to fufill our disires. we take care of what we put on or in our bodys out of respect to Heavenly Father for creating it for us, and also out of respect to ourself. :) we follow the commandments of God by keeping his laws of health and be keeping our bodys clean. :) Show more Show less