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Hi I'm Mike

I'm a composer and a recording engineer and I love to play rock n' roll. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I recently graduated with a degree in Media Music from BYU. I play bass for a really great rock band and I love performing with them. We play shows almost every weekend. I write songs for the band and help make our recordings. Every show, recording session, and even practice or jam session is a big rush and extremely fulfilling. I also play as a sideman for several local solo artists and help them arrange and record. I also compose part time for short films on the web and teach guitar. I'm a bass player and love to research, shop for, and discuss new gear for my bass rig. I love writing songs so much because I love music but also because I love storytelling in all its forms. I love a good movie, book, play, song or video game and I love talking about them and learning about life and people from them. I minored in Portuguese at BYU and I love all things Brazilian. I served an LDS mission to Brazil and really fell in love with Brazilian culture--the people, the pace of life, the food, the music, the language, etc. It's been several years now, but I still make an effort to keep up my Portuguese. Frankly, speaking Portuguese is more fun than speaking English. Life is good. I have great friends and a wonderful family. I love music and love living.

Why I am a Mormon

All of the lasting joy in my life comes from knowing I am a child of God and that through His gospel I can be with my family in His presence forever. When I pray, I know God is listening and answers my prayers. When I read the Book of Mormon and the Bible I feel His Spirit and I know those words are true. When I keep God's commandments I feel my life improve so I know the commandments really are from Him. There's a promise in the Book of Mormon that if you pray to God with any question, specifically to know that the Book of Mormon is true, you will get an answer in your heart and your mind from the Holy Ghost (Moroni 10:4-5). I have tested that promise time and time again and the answer always comes. And there's no feeling quite like it. There's a promise in the Bible that you can know if something is true by its fruits and you can know if a doctrine is true by living it. I have tested that my entire life. The church and the gospel have brought me amazing blessings. My relationship with my family is wonderful because each member does their best to be like Jesus--to be kind, honest and selfless. I feel the Lord supporting me in my education and my work. I feel worthwhile and important because I know I am His Son and He loves me. I feel purpose and direction in life because I know where I came from, why I'm here, and where I'm going. I find answers to my deepest questions in the Book of Mormon and the words of the prophets. I feel at peace with myself even though I make mistakes and sin, because I know Jesus Christ atoned for my sins. I know he lives, and so I know each of us will live again after death. That's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I go to church every Sunday and participate in meetings there that uplift and inspire me. It's a chance to reflect on my relationship with God in a deep and sacred way. It's also a chance to be reminded of my responsibility to God and to all His children on the earth by serving them. I read from the scriptures daily and pray to God several times a day. When I have a question or an important decision to make, I kneel in prayer and ask for help. When things are going well in life, I pray and express gratitude to my Father in Heaven. I know that because I have been so blessed in my life, I have a responsibility to bless the lives of others. I have an assignment or two within the church that helps me serve other people. I am assigned as a "home teacher" to visit several people from the congregation at least once a month. During these visits I share an uplifting message and get to know them better and make sure their needs are met. I also help coordinate the music that is played in our weekly church services. I do my best to always keep God's commandments and repent of my mistakes. I avoid drugs, alcohol, tobacco and coffee because I know they are displeasing to the Lord and I will be blessed if I avoid them. I keep myself sexually pure. I am waiting to have that kind of intimate relationship until I am married so I can build an eternal family based on trust, commitment, and honor. I know that what I save now will become more special in the future. I pay one tenth of my income as tithing to the church because I know God will bless me in return, and because I know that money will be used to bless the lives of other people. I do my best to be honest, fair, and kind because I know that each person on the earth is a child of God and therefore my brother or sister. Knowing that helps me love everyone around me and want what's best for them. I love being a Mormon. Life comes with its share of challenges, but the gospel brings me peace and assurance.

What does Mormonism teach regarding baptism?

We believe all people ages 8+ should be baptized. Baptism is a symbol of being washed clean from our sins and being born again. When we are baptized we make a covenant, or sacred promise, with Jesus that we will do our best to be like Him and keep His commandments. In return, he promises us that we will always have His spirit with us, and always be clean from our sins and mistakes. You should be baptized. There is no feeling more wonderful. It is a moment in which you can feel the love of God for you very powerfully, feel very clean, and feel a deep commitment to always follow the Savior. I highly recomment it. Show more Show less