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Hi I'm Chris

I'm a husband, father, brother, son, friend, writer, marketer, music lover, travel enthusiast, avid movie watcher and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am a husband & father of three daughters. I work in marketing in the tech sector where I focus on content creation, writing and social media. I also love music & play two instruments. I have played solos in front of large audiences but am a little rusty these days. My dad worked his way through college playing professional jazz and continued to play for years afterward on weekends and I often came along to watch as a kid. The musical group I have seen perform most is The Seattle Symphony who I have seen over 50 times. My Dad & the Symphony are followed distantly by U2 & AC/DC who I have seen four times, Lenny Kravitz, Hall & Oates & Aerosmith who I have seen perform twice each. I love to cook, barbecue & eat. I throw a lot of parties & love spending time with family & friends. I also love to travel, especially with my family. Food ties into that because we always look for new restaurants and opportunities to sample the local cuisine. My favorite place to visit is New York because of all the great food and sightseeing but this is followed closely by Utah. Mormons don’t drink, we eat & most of the food in Utah is made with love. I am a gadget and tech geek and love playing with tech toys, particularly mobile devices. I recently entered & won an essay contest about food and the grand prize was an iPad as well as two tickets on a dinner cruise. I love it when my hobbies & interests all come together. When I need to work on my humility, I enjoy golfing :-)

Why I am a Mormon

I’m a very logical person & I like to have things make sense to me intellectually. In the church we are all about faith, testimony, prayer & confirmation of the spirit. I certainly have had many answers to my prayers & guidance from the Holy Ghost but I have a great appreciation for the way that the gospel makes sense from a logical standpoint. If you really think about it, it is very easy to understand how living the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, Law of Consecration and all of the other laws & commandments that we follow as Mormons are beneficial to our happiness & success in every aspect of our lives. I have a childhood buddy who tracked me down a few years ago & told me that he had joined the church. When I asked him what prompted him to do that he told me that he had reached a point in his life where he wasn’t happy about his direction. When he thought back to the people he knew who seemed the happiest, he kept thinking of his Mormon friends. This is a great example of why I live the gospel. No, joining up doesn’t mean that every day is filled with sunshine & lollipops or massive unearned wealth. It means that we understand the purpose of life and God’s plan for us. That helps us to get through the inevitable hardships & focus on the great joy that is to be gained from the experience as well as the learning & knowledge. I understand that there are imperfect people who participate in the gospel. I am one of them but even though the members of the church are not perfect, the gospel is. If you really sit back & look at it objectively, there is nothing that we are asked to do or believe that won’t help us to be better people and live happier, more fulfilling lives. Some people don’t understand why we don’t do things that might seem to be fun in the short run but have consequences that are ultimately spiritually debilitating. True joy as well as fun comes from doing what is right & serving each other. The Gospel of Christ is true & we are so blessed to have it

How I live my faith

I have taught every age of Sunday School at church, have served as a ward missionary, a stake clerk & in the Elder’s Quorum and Young Men’s presidencies. I had the privilege to serve as a missionary for two years and had many life changing experiences during that service. I endeavor to do my home teaching each month and am still close with many of the people that I have home taught over the years. I believe in the Law of Consecration and endeavor to use my skills and talents for the building up of the kingdom and to serve others. I think that it is important to recognize your skills and find ways to use them to serve the Lord. I think that many members think that service means just showing up to help clean the building a couple of times a year or helping someone move on a Saturday morning. After a serious back injury a few years ago I am not able to help people move but I can use my cooking, tech, event planning, writing and marketing skills to serve others. I help the High Priests in my ward set up their smart phones, put on many great parties for my ward as well as others in my stake & bring them in on budget. Most of all, I just try to be there for those in need. I listen and try to provide friendship to help others through the occasional hardships of life. I feel that I have been extremely blessed to have been able to serve others and learn from these experiences. I currently oversee the employment needs for the Everett Stake. My partner and I have built a program that is so effective that other stakes send their job seekers to our group and we serve the community at large, not just members of the church. We've helped many people find employment. In addition, my stake recently asked me to help our local interfaith association with a fundraiser to help run their family homeless shelter. this led to a kickoff project involving a famous local artist and on air radio promotions. It was kind of a wild ride