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Hi I'm Ralph

I was born and raised in Utah. I'm a husband, a father, a grandfather and a quality improvement engineer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I’m the husband of a marvelous wife and the father of 5 wonderful children. I have a graduate degree in Statistics. I am a logician and a puzzle addict. Life is a puzzle, work is a puzzle, people are puzzling, even religion is a puzzle. I enjoy solving puzzles. I make sense of things by collecting and analyzing information to solve those puzzles. At age 19, I went to Finland for 2 years to give the Finns information so they could solve the religion puzzle for themselves. In doing so, my religion puzzle came into clear focus and I knew for sure that Mormonism is the religion that can solve all life's puzzles, inasmuch as they can be solved. I also enjoy bike riding, square dancing, computers, vacationing in new-to-me places, and reading, especially autobiographies and historical fiction.

Why I am a Mormon

The simple answer is that I'm a Mormon because my parents, grandparents, and ancestors 5 generations back have belonged to the LDS church. But you don't stay an active, committed, practicing member of the LDS Church because of that. This religion demands too much to simply do it because of others. Eventually, you must have your own internal motivation. You must have a witness that it is God's will for you. Only when one feels that, will he have the strength and conviction required to live this religion to the fullest. That 'testimony' of the truthfulness of this religion came to me gradually, starting in my youth. It was strengthened enormously by my experiences in Finland, serving God as a minister to others. One key for me was reading the Book of Mormon and receiving witnesses of its truthfulness as I read and reread it. Reading and pondering the Book of Mormon continues to strengthen my conviction that living this religion is God's will for me. It is difficult to become the person God wants each of us to become. It takes trial, failure, restarting, and recommitting in many different aspects of living. Little by little, with God's help, our rough edges are removed and we allow God to use us more and more to bless others. I sometimes have questions come into my mind, like "is this religion really true?" or "do I really know this is God's will for me?" It's my puzzle solving nature coming into play, seeking more information to reconfirm my commitment to it. As I ponder and pray, inevitably, its truth is reconfirmed by the feelings and thoughts the Holy Ghost provides. Ultimately, this isn't a puzzle that can resolved by logic alone. Only when God reveals the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the LDS Church by the power of the Holy Ghost, can we truly be convinced that it is true. And truthfully, I can't see any other way to live that brings as much happiness, fulfillment and peace into my life as comes from living my religion.

How I live my faith

Living my faith means I frequently examine what I'm doing, why I'm doing it and asking myself, "Is this what God and my Savior would have me do?" or "What would Jesus do in this circumstance". I strive to be the best person I can be. I read scriptures and pray daily to have God guide and direct me. I strive to always be honest and upright. I strive to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of my body. I strive to serve God by serving my fellowmen and community. Monday evening is formally known as Family Home Evening throughout the church. When we had children at home, every Monday we enjoyed a gospel lesson, sang songs, shared talents and news, played a game, and we always had special refreshments together. This regular time together as a family helped us bond; we still enjoy all getting together with our children and their families. Probably because I am detail oriented and tend to be organized (until you look at my desk), I have typically had administrative, rather than teaching opportunities to serve in the church. This involves preparing for and attending administrative meetings each Sunday where we discuss members needs and plan activities and service projects. Following these meetings, I attend worship services and other study meetings often held on Sundays. Needless to say, Sundays are very busy - a day of rest from things of the world, but busy with doing the work of the Lord and being spiritually renewed. Special training meetings with leaders from Church Headquarters are held occasionally. I look forward to learning from them. Like most men in the church, I also serve as a home teacher to several families or individuals who belong to our ward. I enjoy visiting them in their homes on a monthly basis to teach gospel principles, to encourage them in living the commandments, and to be of service to them.