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Hi I'm Kevin

Yes, I've been a Mormon all my life.

About Me

I'm almost an Arizona native, since I came here with my family when I was 2 years ol.d Except for time away at college and on a mission in Ecuador, I've spent my life in Arizona. I've been married for 29 years and my wife and I have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. I've been an independent insurance broker for many years. I also started a second business last year -- an import and retail business. This second business has had quite the learning curve as I've put together many websites, and learned how to market the products I import on-line. It's been fun but still at times a roller coaster ride as I've had to deal with the competition, importing issues, and availability of products on a consistent basis from Mexico. I'm also happily married, and I'm grateful for the teachings of the gospel plan that have given us the pattern in having happy marriage and family relationships. I definitely admit to all that my wife is the "better half."

Why I am a Mormon

Although I come from a long line of Mormon pioneer ancestors, like everyone else, there came a time in my life when I had to learn for myself the truthfulness of the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although I was taught to have faith in Jesus Christ and in a loving Heavenly Father who answers prayers, my experiences growing up reinforced that faith, as I have faced daily challenges and found solutions through the gospel plan. My real testimony of the Book of Mormon came when I was in 10th grade in High School. I had believed it was true before, but the firm witness of the Holy Ghost in answer to my prayers came that year. The prior year, I had taken a church sponsored religion class (called "Seminary') in 9th grade, and had to read the book in order to get an "A." I read the book, but not with the purpose of seeking to know it's truthfulness. When I was in 10th grade, I had another Seminary class where we studied the New Testament. One day our teacher shared with us how he got his testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was in that class that I realized that I hadn't yet experienced that witness of the Holy Spirit affirming the book's truthfulness because I hadn't really sought to know it. So I began a new quest to read it every day. When I spoke to my father about it, he said that I should say a prayer at the beginning and ending of each reading asking the Lord to reveal to me if it was true. "Did Joseph Smith make up this book?" Or was it really written by ancient prophets in the Americas who recorded their dealings with God?" When I arrived in my reading to the middle of the Book, it talks about Jesus Christ's visit to the Americas following his resurrection. During this section of my readings, I felt the witness of the Holy Spirit testify that this was true. I was so excited to share this with others as I knew from a personal answer to my prayers that the Lord did inspire these ancient prophets to write their record.

How I live my faith

Through my experiences serving others in the Church, I've come to further understand how much our Heavenly Father loves all his children. In the LDS Church, learning to serve others is part of the gospel plan. Each member has an opportunity to give service to others. By serving others we believe we are also serving God. Opportunities are always there unofficially, but we also are given opportunities to serve through formal callings, such as teaching a class, giving a talk in church, or some other way. Some of the service opportunities I've had over the years included teaching little children in Primary, teaching teenagers and adults in various Sunday School classes, and serving in positions of leadership. The church is divided into geographic boundaries so that ministerial assignments can be made. Those organizations that are created are known as branches (smaller units) and wards (usually about 350 to 500 members). These wards and branches then make up a stake. A stake may have 6 to 12 wards or branches. Most recently I spent the last 10 years serving as the leader over a stake. This position is known as "stake president." We have about 4,100 members in our stake and it consists of 10 wards and branches. When I was called to serve as stake president, it came at a very difficult time in my life. I had just had open heart surgery and was trying to recover from a post-surgical heart attack. I put my faith in the words of an apostle who once said, "whom the Lord calls he qualifies." I had faith that the church leader who called me to do that was lead by Heavenly Father, and that if the Lord wanted to call me to do this, he would help me find the way to serve. We can never go wrong when we put our faith in the Lord. I found that he did lift me up, and my health improved and I've greatly appreciated the many blessings of service. I've seen the hand of the Lord in others lives too as they have put their faith in him and accepted callings to serve.