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Hi I'm Dalma

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

The world was in ciaos, the dark cloud war was looming over my country. I was born in a world deeply immersed in the horrors of WWII. Even though we had to leave our home and almost everything behind, we trusted in God. During the darkest times, we didn’t know if we would live or die, or even where our next meal was coming from, we knew that God would take care of us. When bombs were falling all around us, and the house we were in was bombed to the ground, we had faith, and by some miracle we were spared. We didn't have a place to stay because all three of our homes had been confiscated by the Communists. We were running from the terrors of Communism, homeless and hungry. Because my father was a high official in the government, we had to get away or face imprisonment or death. Eventually, we ended up in Germany where there was more death and devastation everywhere. Much of Germany had been bombed and ruined. The desolation of war filled the air. My family had gone through so much hardship by this time we didn't quite know what would come next. Yet, God was always in our lives and we had daily family prayer. I can still see, in my mind’s eye, my mom praying, pleading with the Lord to spare our family. After a few years in Germany, my dad heard about a program started by America which would accept young people to the United States. All we needed was a sponsor. My dad accepted the offer and filled out an application for the program. We found a sponsor and came to America.

Why I am a Mormon

After both my children and I were baptized, my life changed and was wonderful. I had become a person with strong self-confidence. I knew I was worth much because I was a child of God, and had a divine nature. I knew that God, the loving Father I had gotten to know, would never want me in an abusive relationship. I had enough self-confidence to move to another state and attend college. Eventually, that's where I met my present husband, the precious love of my life. I know that throughout my life, the Lord was guiding me and helping me, especially to stay close to Him. I've found the best way to stay close to Him is though the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints. My children and my grandchildren are all members of the Church and living their faith. I them love so dearly. At this time in my life, the Gospel is my life. There is nothing more fulfilling than living the Gospel. I look at the way my life changed after I had truly found the Lord, I am a different person. I love my Father in Heaven and His Holy Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that the many blessings the Gospel offers is not only for me, but for all mankind. Anyone who reaches out and takes the hand of the Lord as I did will be able to enjoy these many wonderous blessings. One of the best things this wonderful Gospel teaches is family unity. Families are forever and I know that my husband and my children will be with me for all eternity. I know that there is no permanent separation brought about by death and families can live together forever. What wonderful promises the Lord has given us! How great are His works! I especially love the beautiful temples of the Lord. These magnificent buildings are truly houses of the Lord, and they are awe inspiring whether you look at them from the outside or the inside. Anything, any sacrifice, any life-style change is worth it to get a temple recommend and be able to enter that holy place. I love the Gospel of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

Life in America was different. My early life thought me to completely trust in the Lord. When others around us were failing, my family and I were somehow spared. All during my school years, I strongly felt the presence of the Lord. People made fun of us because we were DPs. Our clothes were strange and we couldn't speak English, we were very much the brunt of many jokes, even in Catholic school. I grew up thinking I was inferior to any and all American people. I loved some of the nuns in school. I was going to become a nun and serve my Lord with my whole life. That never came to be. After I graduated from high school, I married the first person who asked me. This was a very bad choice because as a Catholic I didn't believe in divorce and I was destined to live a horrible life with my two children in a very bad marriage. Around that time, there was a knock on my door and two young men were standing there asking if I would like to know about Jesus Christ. I thought to myself, "I already know Jesus Christ" but I asked them if they were Jehovah's Witnesses or what religion? They said, no, we are Mormons. Well, I learned about Mormons in Catholic School, that they were polygamists and polytheists, but asked them to come in. I thought to myself, "This will be interesting. But as I listened to what they had to say, all the questions which I had about my Catholic faith were answered. They were telling me things which I had already known from a time or place long ago. I knew the Gospel as they were telling it. I could hardly wait to learn more and I was ravenous for more and more information about the Gospel. It was as if a beautiful light - the light of truth and love had entered my cold, despairing heart. Now, in retrospect, I could see why the Lord had protected me thoughout my young years. He had plans for me. He taught me the Gospel through the Holy Spirit and my whole life was on the verge of changing. I accepted the gospel wholeheartedly.

Why did your church previously practice plural marriage (polygamy)?

Over a hundred years ago, when the Church was very young, Joseph Smith received a mandate from the Lord that the practice of plural marriage should be initiated. Joseph was startled by this commandment but eventually he discussed it with his counselors, and they abided by the commandment of the Lord. Why would the Lord give such a commandment to these good men? He has given the same commandment throughout time to great men. The ones recorded are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as well as Moses, David and Solomon. But why in this day and age in the 1800's would he receive such a commandment? What Joseph didn't know at the time, that the new Church was going to undergo tremendous hardships. He didn't know that many would die, and that's why the Lord gave this commandment - for the propogation of the Saints. In other words, the Lord did not want His Gospel, which had just been returned to the world, to go extinct before it even got started. The world likes to compare plural marriage to some sexual perversion satisfied by so called polygamy, but that was not the case. There were relatively few men who practiced plural marriage in the Mormon colonies. These men had to be called of God, and they had to have the means to support plural families. It was a sacred calling intended to raise young children in the Gospel of the Lord. The practice of plural marriage ended, also by the Lord through His prophet in 1890, over 120 years ago. Show more Show less