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Hi I'm Kameron Mesecher

I'm from Puyallup, WA. I snowboard, longboard, and I'm a missionary in Mesa, AZ. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've been in the church my entire life, but as most of us in that situation, I took it for granted growing up. In the town I grew up in there wasn't too much support for me outside the church. All of my friends, except a select few, weren't members and we never really ever discussed religion. Although they never agreed with my beliefs, they never peer-pressured me into lowering my standards, and for that I'm forever grateful. Sadly, I still coasted my way through high school, thinking that boarding and hanging out with friends was more important than my family and the church, which was foolish. Luckily, I eventually made the smart decision to get away from home and into a University, where I would later gain my own personal testimony of the restored Gospel. Today, I'm currently a missionary in Mesa, AZ doing what I love- sharing what I've come to know with others.

Why I am a Mormon

Like I mentioned above, my testimony came at college. I remember sitting in my apartment watching the Sunday Afternoon session of General Conference October, 2009 when Elder Jeffery R. Holland gave his talk entitled, "Safety For The Soul". I hadn't been "all there" at the beginning of the conference, but the Spirit told me clearly to "PAY ATTENTION". His bold testimony of the Book of Mormon hit hard with me, and I realized I didn't have that "drive" yet....but I wanted it. From that point on I decided to take things more seriously. I was already in a Book of Mormon class and I started "really" studying, up to the point where things made sense and I began to thoroughly enjoy it. With added prayer, I eventually gained my testimony....I always knew the church was true, but it never all came together until THAT point in my life...and I'll never be able to doubt, looking back at it- that the Lord's hand was guiding me to that point. I'm a Mormon because the simple principals of the Gospel have changed my life and given me the most happiness I've ever found.

How I live my faith

My dad was actually a convert, who joined the church in his mid-20's. He had ZERO family support, but he couldn't deny the the Spirit he felt as an answer to his prayers. He eventually served a mission and continues to be a stalwart member of the church. I try to live my faith after his example, after all, if it wasn't for his conversion I wouldn't be where I am today. Constantly evaluating my life's performance keeps me focused and inspires me to work harder. As a missionary I try to lead by that same example. I'm a strong believer in not changing who you are to meet people's needs, which I see a lot of members and missionaries do from time to time. God gave us individual gifts and talents, so we should never be afraid to use them. There are people that YOU can specifically help that no one else can, which I've gained a greater testimony of while serving this mission. When you learn to give your will and desires to God, you can become an intrument in his hands to bless the lives of others, and yourself in return.

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Kameron Mesecher
I'll tell you from fresh experience that missionaries will first try to get to know who you are. They will figure out your religious background and what you want to learn from them. THEN they will teach you basic principals of Christ's Gospel according to what your specific needs are. The Gospel is for EVERYONE, so the message they share is universal. I promise you that if you invite them into your home, you will feel God's love for you...because the lessons they teach are the lessons Christ would teach if He were here today. Show more Show less