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Hi I'm Justin

I'm creative, hilarious, and a little nerdy. I love pepperoni pizza and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in both Texas and North Carolina. I am both dazzlingly handsome AND incredibly funny (at the same time). I love pepperoni pizza, especially when it is supplemented with soda, junk food and great people. I love movies and movie nights. I also sing in the shower, read books about (un)cool things like dragons and killer robots, and sometimes even save the world (via videogames). I go to school - where I've studied (but never finished) Art, Film Studies, and Simulation and Game Development. I've worked as a soccer referee, a clothes seller, a cinema staff member, a pizza driver, a fry cooker, a game developer, and a hobby shop employee. I love to imagine, to come up with things that aren't real. I love to sing in choirs. I love my family (most of the time). And I love when I'm having a good time, especially with friends.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because it's made all the difference in my life, since I discovered it's value. I grew up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but was never particularly valiant in striving to find a personal witness or testimony of the truth of it. What I learned though, was that when I lived my life according to my own plans, when I ignored the things that my Heavenly Father would have wanted me to do, I was never very happy. And certainly never happy in any kind of lasting or real way. When I started to change the way I did things, when I took into account with the Savior and my Heavenly Father would want me to do, I found a sense of peace and strength in my life that didn't make sense - nothing dramatic had changed in my life except my faith. But, all of a sudden, things were brighter. I smiled more, I felt less stressed, I was at peace. And in time, after following the Lord's path for me, I found my answers, my path, my testimony, and my life.

How I live my faith

In my life I've always done everything I could (I think) to do what's right. And now I always try to stay active in and to support our church activities. My most recent volunteer service position in the church was as a coordinator for a group of young, college age members in our area for their group "family" night activities. This was a ton of fun and a huge blessing in my life. It was great to be able to give back to the community that had welcomed me so thoroughly and quickly when I had first arrived. It was really great to be able to meet, interact with, and provide service for -giving them a socially safe and accepting place for people like me to go to and enjoy the company of others and strengthen our faith at the same time. I was also an active home teacher, this is Mormon-speak for when you go and visit other members of the church in your area at least once a month and check on them, ask them how you are doing and how you can help with the things they have going on in their life. This was also a very rewarding experience for me. Right now though, I live my faith in a way I never have before. I currently am serving a full-time mission. What this means, is that I've signed up to spend two years of my life in an effort to help share the gospel of Jesus Christ, the message of our church, with others. I've been assigned to labor in Angola (Africa) and to speak Portuguese. At the end of April 2011 I entered one of the Missionary Training Centers and started learning a whole new language and how to teach what we believe to others. I finished my training some eight and a half weeks later and then was moved out to start getting to work, which is what I do now every day. I am incredibly grateful for an opportunity to serve a mission and already I've seen so many blessings come into my life because of it. It's hard for some to understand what makes us do something like this, but I do know, that it has been worth so much already and I know it will keep getting better.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

So, the official church answer is totally correct - from all I know, prayer is the fastest, easiest and most effective way we have to developing a relationship with our Heavenly Father. It's really hard a lot of the time for people to start praying and I have heard and remember that it feels sort of awkward at first. But really, it gets easier and it starts to mean much more as you practice and put your heart into it. Remember that you're speaking with your Heavenly Father, he loves you and wants to help you - that's one of the reasons we have prayer. Tell him what's going on, how do you really feel? Are you angry? Sad? Excited? Disappointed? It doesn't really matter what it is, if it is important to you - talk with your Father about it. He wants to hear from you. I promise that with time and effort you truly can learn how to talk with our loving Heavenly Father. Show more Show less