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Hi I'm Bree

I'm a dancer, a fashion designer, a scientist, a wife and a mom. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I'm not chasing my 3 energetic little men I love reading, writing, painting, dancing, prepping form my next triathlon, playing with our two kittens, teaching my Zumba class (which my boys attend and frequently 'help' me teach by showing the class that the choreo is totally optional, and MMA can be easily done to a latin rhythm), loving my sweet hubby's guts, and doing my best to teach my boys to be Men someday; gentlemen who respect women, work hard, protect virtue, find life's answers through prayer and scripure study, and have a soul-deep knowledge that their Heavenly Father loves them as individuals, that Jesus Christ is their Redeemer and true friend, and that the Holy Ghost can always be with them, a member of the Godhead as their Best Friend no matter where they are, to guide them Home. Being a Mom is the most rediculously hard job I've ever had, but knowing that the God of Creation is only ever a prayer away, loving me like a Daddy and just waiting for me to ask for His help makes it doable, and the most amazingly rewarding job in the Universe.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in by parents who are strong in the LDS faith. They encouraged me to have friends of all faiths and I occationally went with those friends to their church activities in addition to our own meetings and activities when I was a child. In High School my group of friends were a religiously mixed lot: LDS, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, etc and we were enriched by sharing our values, faiths and religious activities with each other. When I was 18 I found I needed to know for myself if the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I had been taught it was true. I studied hard, I prayed with all the energy of my soul, I sought the answers and I found them. Little by little I came to know it for myself and each gospel precept's confirmation was like lightening to my soul. I love Truth wherever I find it, and have always loved those who are valiant for the Truths they have and know. I am a Mormon because the Gosple of Jesus Christ, as taught here, has the whole Truth: Christ and His Mission, personal revelation, the Priesthood, Scripture, who I am, where I came from, why I'm here and where I will go after this life... it has it all, without the suppositions of men in place of doctrine. I love that in the LDS faith we are taught to find out the Truth for ourselves, and not lean forever on the testimonies of others. I am a Mormon because I did, and I know through personal revelation and the testimony of the Holy Ghost that it's true. And in it I find Joy.

How I live my faith

I live my Faith by loving the people around me. Whatever a person's religeous/non-religeous views may be, I try to always give them the benifit of a loving suspension of judgement. I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I keep trying to be as Christ is and I get a little closer, as one who keeps swimming west from California gets a little closer to Hawai'i, all the time. In Church I am our congregation's (Ward's) Choir Director and though I have never been formally educated in musical direction, I go confidently into whatever new calling I'm asked to do and learn so much every time. I live my Faith by being a stay at home Mom. Even though I had very exciting and stimulating professional opportunities, I laid them aside in order to do the hardest, most demanding, but most ultimately valuable job life offers. It's not easy given the current social climate to forgo personal enrichment and sacrifice material things in order to give the very best I can of myself to my children and my husband; it's not a thing supported by our culture anymore. But even on the hardest days I know through my Faith that this is where I want most to be.