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Hi I'm Etuate

I'm an architectural draftsman and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Brisbane Australia and my Mum is originally from Tonga and my Dad is from Ipswich. I spent two years as a missionary in the islands of Chuuk or Truk in Micronesia. I met my wife in Tonga shortly after my mission and we have four daughters. I like to go bodyboarding whenever I get the chance, I love feeling the power of the ocean, especially when the water is warm and the waves are barreling. I also enjoy road cycling, I love to get out on the open road early in the morning to wake my legs up. I must admit that I hate the hills while I'm riding up them, but reaching the top of the climbs and enjoying the views and the the thrill of the descent makes it all worth it. I also enjoy indoor volleyball and camping with the family, usually somewhere close to the beach so we can go fishing, and swimming etc. I like to attend church each Sunday and I am also sometimes involved in meetings and the youth programme during the week. Going to church each Sunday gives me the chance to remember and give thanks to God, who made all the things I enjoy doing possible. I enjoy spending time with my family most of all, I try to spend time with my wife and each of my daughters individually, we call them 'daddy dates'. My family are the most important thing in my life. My wife is my eternal companion and my best friend, and I love her with all my heart. My children are very special to me, I love them also more than anything.

Why I am a Mormon

I've been a Mormon all my life and I was one of only a few Mormons at my primary school. I remember one day at school one of my teachers asked all the 'Christians' to stand up. I had heard this word before but had never thought about what it meant, I noticed most of the class were standing up but I knew I was different to them so I just stayed on my seat. I looked behind me and one of my friends from church was standing up and I asked him 'are we?' and he said 'yeah, it means you believe in Christ'. Well I definately knew that I believed in Christ so I stood up. My parents taught me to try to be like Jesus and they were quite strict, but they also let me make my own choices and I guess they wanted me to be able to find out things for myself and not rely on their faith or belief. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I really gained my own faith in God and in His son Jesus Christ. I was reading the Book of Mormon where Jesus Christ visits the people of the ancient Americas and He was blessing the children. I felt a very powwerful warm feeling come over me, it was almost as though He had His arms around me and I could feel His love for me. I knew this was the Holy Spirit telling me that the words were true, and that God lives and loves us. Since this experience I have felt this same feeling from time to time and have learned to trust in this feeling as a way to recognise truth. So in a nutshell, I'm a Mormon because I believe the teachings of the church to be true, that there is a God who has a great plan for us and that the words of all of God's prophets, both past and present are true.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to live by the things we are taught. We are taught to be good neighbours, that doesn't just mean our next door neighbours but everyone and anyone. I try to treat everyone as equals because we are all like brothers and sisters and everyone deserves respect no matter who they are. I try to live my faith by just being an example of a believer. I try to remember who I am and not just try to be part of the crowd. At church I help oversee our congregation of members and visitors in our local area. I also meet during the week with other church leaders and discuss the needs of people in our congregation. I am also involved with overseeing the youth programme which we have every week. I am also assigned to visit a number of families every month and share a message with them and make sure they are doing okay. Every now and then I get to speak at church and can also be assigned to teach lessons. It's not all serious business though, we do get together often for dances, fun activities, sports competitions, road shows, Christmas parties and other fun stuff. Eveything I do at church is voluntary and I do it because of my commitment I made when I was baptised and also because of Sacred covenants I have made in the Temple to follow Jesus Christ, and also because whenever we are serving others, whether it be at church or anyhere else in the community, we are also serving God. I also do it for more selfish reasons, because I see it as a blessing for me and my family, the more we help others, the more we seem to get in return.