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Hi I'm Sean Liam Planer

I'm a Mormon. Im serving in the Everett, WA mission, Im from MD. My family is the most important thing to me, and I love Soccer

About Me

I have a wonderful family, I love playing soccer, running and lifting weights, and anything else that keeps me moving. I love to challenge myself, and try new things. I'm pretty easy going, and love to have fun even if I'm doing something thats not fun, I will make it fun somehow. The only thing I really watch on T.V. is sports, I love what I'm doing right now, serving others is very rewarding. But, I'll tell a little bit about how I got here on my mission. Well I have been a mormon my whole life, but I really didnt live like it. My parents taught me really well I just didnt listen. I made alot of mistakes and just wanted to have fun, but I realized that I needed to change my life. One night I was sitting on my couch, I got caught doing something stupid the night before. I was thinking, how am I going to change my life so I can feel like I have a purpose and a future. Well a thought came to my mind that I needed to go on a mission and thats why I'm here in Washington now. I have realized that my past experiences are going to really help me in my life and I want others to be inspired as I was when I decided to change. I love what I am doing and I know its the right thing, and I have realized along the way that following the Gospel is the only way and that families are the most important thing in this life and I know that I can be with mine even after this life.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a mormon because this Gospel which the Church holds is the only true and everlasting thing in my life. I know my purpose, and I know that there are no worldly things that can make me happier than living the Gospel and trying to help all in my path. I have seen the difference between not living the way I should, and living the way I should and that change came only because I had faith that I could change and had a real desire to do so. I could not have changed any other way, only through following Christs example can we do all things. That is why the Church is the only true church, I know it and share it with others, I live up to my potential because of it and I'm alot happier now than when I was not living up to my potential. This is the only way to find true and everlasting peace and happiness.

How I live my faith

Well I'm on a mission and my faith has grown so much since I have been out. I can recognize the influence of my parents and my leaders and the teachings of the true Gospel. I love trying to serve people everywhere I can and trying to help know what I know. I'm on my mission because I want people to experience the same joys that I have not just to make our church bigger and then they fall away. I want people to have a lasting conversion. I know that after my mission I have a bright future because I have grown in my faith I know that going to college, and starting a family is going to be my purpose after my mission. And I want to raise my children in righteousness and be respectful to my wife. This mission will help with that, you learn so much about living its nuts. But I am very excited to keep on working here in WA, and to keep building upon my faith that I have developed so much since I have been out here. (Phillippians 4:13)

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Sean Liam Planer
We believe that we all made the choice to come to earth to recieve a physical body. We wanted to be like our Father in Heaven, and He set forth a plan, that we would come to earth to exersice our agency, or the ability to act for ourselves and make our own decisions, so that after this life we could become like our Father in Heaven. We can return to our Father in Heaven by having Faith in Jesus Christ, repent of the wrong things that we have done, because we are not perfect, be Baptized, receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost and serve God and our fellow man, and try to do the best we can until the end of our lives. But, we will all go through unique trials because we all are different, these trials are how we learn and grow, and we can choose whether to trust in God, that He will help us get through it, or try and do it ourselves. The reason bad things happen in this life is because, there is in opposition in all things, good and evil, sorrow and joy. If there was no pain, there would be no joy. God loves all of His children, He wants us all to be happy, He will never abandon us, only we can abandon Him. I have seen this principle in my own life, I did not follow God, and I new right from wrong but I just did not listen. Because of that I had alot of sorrow, and I was not happy, there was something missing in my life, then I decided to change, God did not abandon me, everything got harder before it got easier, but now I am so much happier because I know I have a purpose in life. Show more Show less