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Hi I'm Jeff

I love my kids, my wife, my branch where I serve, I am a convert, I love the outdoors, I love the Lord. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Jeff and I am married to a great wife and we have 3 great kids. We serve in an inner city branch, and we love the branch and the people we serve. I work as a pediatric nurse and I really enjoy my job. My family is busy with sports, dance, school, work, and spending time with each other. I am a Colorado Buff fan in Husker county, go figure. I love the outdoors, even if it is in the city. I like to think of myself as an oudoorsman, I hunt, flyfish, and camp. I enjoy running, it is time that I get to let my thoughts go, many times thinking about the gospel and my family. Mainly I love to spend time with my family, whether it is grocery shopping, hanging out at home, or enjoying the many activities that our kids are involved with. My greatest wish is that we will be together forever as a family and that is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ affords us. Through the blessings of a Temple marriage and sealing we can be ogether forever as a family.

Why I am a Mormon

I did not grow up going to church but I was always curious about God. I had friends that attended church and they had offered to teach me more so i listened to a youth pastor talk about Jesus Christ and God. I was interested in what he was teaching me and about who could be saved. He stated that all you had to do was to believe in Jesus Christ and that he could save you nd you could be saved. It sounded great, but something troubled me, there were over a billion Chinese and othersthat had never heard about Christ at all. What would become of them I asked him. His answer was that since they had not the opportunity to believe in Christ that would nt be saved. This troubled me, but it also peaked my interest. How could a loving Heavenly Father forsake his children that way, I knew in my heart that he could not. So I started to look for an answer to this dilemma. I went to various Christian churches, looked into Buddhism, other eastern religions, and took some religion classes in college. Eventually I was introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I began to read the Book of Mormon, the more I read the more I realized that it was a true book. Especially after earnest prayer and study I knew it was true. I met with the missionaries as well and what they taught was true as well. I asked them the same question about those who never have heard the gospel and what would happen to them. Their answer was that all who have ever lived or will ever live will have an opportunity to hear the gospel, whether in this life or after they have passed on. Why wouldn't a loving Heavenly Father want all his children to hear the Gospel? The answer is that he doesn't, all his children should and will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ through missionary efforts both on this earth and after they have died. The Gospel is true, and this truth that I have written about is just part of the truths that are contained inthe Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by serving the Lord. The Church of Jesus Christ is a Church where no one is paid to do the Lord's work. We all can have a chance to serve the Lord. I serve by assisting the missionaries with their work, to help organize their efforts and how the members of the congregation can help as well. I live my faith by attending church each week, by giving service to those in need, as Jesus would have us do. i try to show my faith by being a good example at all times, at least I try to. Since we serve in an inner city congregation, we all have the opportunity to serve in various ways, to teach, to oraganize youth acitivities, and by doing service for our friends and neighbors. I try to follow the example of Jesus Christ by serving my fellow man.

Are Mormons Christians?

We believe the Jesus Christ is the center of our belief system. He is the center of our faith. We worship him, and follow his example. Although some feel that we worship Joseph Smith, we do not. He re-established the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these times and translated the Book of Mormon, hence the name "Mormons" because we belive in the Book of mormon and its teachings. So are Mormons Christians? Absoutley we are. Show more Show less