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Hi I'm Gary

I am a natural medicine practitioner specialising in energy medicine and nutrition as per Word of Wisdom. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was a soldier for some years then I went to sea. While at sea I studied natural medicine and got to meet some very interesting healers in my travels. Some became my teachers and mentors and learning from them, hands-on, was so enriching. I married a wonderful Asian lady who is my constant companion and she is also very well versed in Asian medicine, so we fit in well with each other and learn from each other. Besides which, she is one great cook. We still travel back to Asia to see her family and we learn more while there. We love attending the qigong classes in her parents village of a morning and seeing the way the village people are so good to each other. I was badly injured several times in my far from dull life, and I owe my life to experts in Asian medicine and also to the priesthood blessings I have received. There is no medicine as powerful as this. I have mixed in many cultures over the years and seen many healing styles, all good, but nothing is as powerful as the priesthood blessing when the recipient exercises full faith. I was poisoned ten years ago and the hospital expected me to die the night I was admitted. My wife called the priesthood to bless me and in the morning I was so much better. When I found out just how bad I was poisoned I knew it was the blessing that pulled me through.

Why I am a Mormon

I was converted to the LDS church 40 years ago. I was a member of another church and was having a lot of problems with certain doctrines. I was not a real religious person, but I was being nagged by these questions, so I asked the local priest and others and they had no answers. I seldom prayed at that time but I felt that was the only way I might get answers. Then LDS missionaries turned up and asked to talk with me. I told them there was no way they were going to convert me. They said they wouldn't even try to, but asked me to read the Book of Mormon. I took six months to get into it, and when I did I felt this spiritual witness so strong, telling me it was definitely true. I was a hard bitten union rep at the time, and no way could a man convince me of that, it had to be God. I joined the church and have so many faith strengthening experiences since. I have seen what others would deem miracles, unexplainable any other way. Like when my 2 year old daughter fell 12 feet onto a cement deck head first. There was no life in her at all when I got to her. Eyes staring, all signs of life gone and glazed over, no pulse, no breath. I blessed her and that daughter is alive and well and giving cheek 18 years later.

How I live my faith

Having traveled so much, the world is my back yard. I receive calls from many parts of the world from people I have befriended over the years and also from many with health problems needing assistance. A lot of these people require counseling and support and that's a big part of living my religion. Many are too poor to afford payment, but they are never turned away. I teach some young people the spiritual side of healing and it is always gratifying to see the results of their faith in what they learn. Asking the Holy Spirit for guidance in treating difficult cases and witnessing the improvements builds faith in the patient, the practitioner and me, the teacher. I am not and never have been a church missionary as such. However, people seem to come to me for advice and opinions on matters concerning the church with the result that their own testimonies are restored or strengthened. It feels really good when someone who has been away from the church for many years returns. They are always so appreciative. I am very happily married and people often remark on that. There are several people who have said seeing how close my wife and I are has helped them in their own marriages. They feel the warmth in our humble little home and they know they are always welcome. What more does anyone need than a happy marriage and the knowledge that there is a bright future in store?