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Hi I'm Jenn

I grew up in Wills Point, TX and moved to Utah at the age of 21. I was baptized for the 3rd and final time at the age of 23.

About Me

I love comedy, I think God definitely has a sense of humor and I'm so grateful for that! I grew up in a tiny town called Wills Point, TX right smack in the middle of the bible belt. My dad was a non practicing Catholic and my mom was not religious at all. I was blessed with two awesome parents who allowed me to search and believe how I wanted. While I was not raised in a religious home, they never kept me from going to church with friends if I wanted. My conversion started when I was 7 years old. That is when I started to learn about God. Thanks to the Baptists and their amazing faith and enthusiasm, I was able to learn of God and Christ at an early age. I was baptized at the ages of 9, then again at the age of 12, constantly searching for that church that felt right. I tried out many over the course of my many years, but there was always something missing. There were too many wholes. I believed in the bible, and the teachings of these churches weren't consistant with prophesies in the bible. I LOVED religion. I studied many...Christian, Islam, Judaism, Wicca, etc. I was desperate to find the right one, and I knew it was out there. I never believed that there were multiple right answers. I moved to Utah in 2001 and invited the missionaries over for education purposes only! To their disappointment I was not baptized. However, two years, and a lot of research, later I was ready. I finally found the true Gospel, and Christ's true church.

Why I am a Mormon

The scriptures testify that this is the one true church. There is evidence all through the scriptures. I've never seen it more clearly than I do know. The more I learn, the more evident it is. More importantly, when I got down on my knees and prayed with my whole heard asking God if this was His church, the Holy Ghost answered so strongly and powerfully with a yes that to deny it would be to condem myself to to an eternity of torment. I can not deny what I felt that day. There is no way that my mind could have manifested it. It was purely an external force answering a question that I asked and I know that the only reason I got an answer was because I was willing to accept whatever the answer was going to be. I had finally gotten to the point that I would accept a yes or a no, I just wanted to do what God wanted me to do. The answer was yes, this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. From there I've moved forward, stumbling along the way, but never looking back.

How I live my faith

I've been involved in several church roles over the years, almost all included teaching the youth. I currently teach sunday school for the 9 year olds, or the Primary as we call it. I've also been involved in enrichment activities where we get together as a group for humanitarian projects such as putting together hygiene kits, making blankets, etc for the humanitarian aid center. My husband and I try to teach our kids to take care of our planet and to take care of other people. Service is a big deal and we try to take advantage of opportunities to help others when they present themselves. The Angel Tree project is a big thing for our family. We love to do that every year. It helps our kids understand how fortunate they are and they get to feel how awesome it can be to help others. As I get older I become more patient and empathetic. I try to put myself in someone else's shoes before making judgements. I find that is one of the hardest things to do. Fighting our natural human tendencies can be tough, but it can be done.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

You know that feeling you get when you know the answer to something? That sureness you have when you have the correct answer? Such as, what is 2 + 2? You know without a doubt that the answer is 4, right? You the feeling of exactness and certainty. Where do you get that feeling? You get it from knowledge. You've learned it from someone. Well a testimony is the same thing. I can tell you that I know Jesus Christ lives and is my Savior. I know that if I obey Heavenly Father's commandments and stay true and faithful, that I will return to live with Him and have eternal life. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints is the one true church on the earth and it is the same church that existed when Christ was on the earth. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and that he receives direct instruction from Him. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he saw the Father and the Son in the Sacred Grove and that he translated the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I can say all of these things with the feeling of certainty and exactness just as I can say that 2 + 2 = 4. i can say it because it's what I've been taught, but the knowledge comes from the Holy Ghost. The truth is confirmed and I get the feeling that these things are 100 true because the Holy Ghost witnesses it to me. It is one of the most amazing gifts God as given to those who accept the Gospel, the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Show more Show less